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Version 0.90, September 1990

Initial Release. First "Beta-test" version.

Version 0.91, October 1991

Added PCX file import capability. ZGRAFWIN can now import mono,
16-color, and 256-color PCX files. Scroll bars have been provided
to make it easier to scroll graphics images onscreen. Hope to have
PCX export capability soon!

Improved G(X,Y) graph a bit. Also, user can now MANUALLY specify
the (x,y) data range for X-Y Line Graphs, and the y-range for Bar
Graphs, since the automatic-scaling feature is not always

Version 0.92, October 1991

Added monochrome PCX file-save capability. Hope to have 16-color
PCX saves available in next major release of the program. Added
crosshatch-fill options for pie, bar, and area graphs, which may be
useful for graph printing. Added some very basic online help.

Version 0.93, October 1991

Cleaned up pie graph appearance.

Version 0.94, November 1991

Added the full-screen editor.

Version 1.0, November 1991

Added the ability to save graphics images in 16-color PCX format.
Getting the 16-color PCX code running under Windows was an absolute
nightmare, but it's working now (thank God!).

I've also added the ability to place up to 30 text strings, each up
to 80 characters long, on graphs.

This version marks the first official, "non-beta" release of
ZGRAFWIN. I hope you like it!

Version 1.1, November 1991

Added ability to graph "non-functions" like circles, ellipses,
etc. in the x-y plane (see documentation). Fixed a few bugs.

Version 1.2, January 1992

Added ability to perform Direct-GDI printing, making for
better-looking graphs.

Version 1.3, January 1992

Added ZOOM and Expand/Reduce-view feature for F-2D and X/Y Line
Graphs. The vertical and horizontal scroll arrows may now be used
to move the relative position of the graph on the screen for these
two graphs. Made the character-font for graph titles a bit larger,
for better viewing. Cleaned up a few more bugs.

Version 1.4, February 1992

Added ability to graph up to 4 separate curves on F-2D graph.
Improved printing of graph titles.

Version 1.5, March 1992

Improved appearance of X/Y, area, and 3-D bar graphs.

Version 1.6, March 1992

Reworked online help. Program now uses the regular Windows help.
Added a demonstration program, DEMO.EXE.

Version 1.7, March 1992

Fixed some small bugs.

Version 1.8, March 1992

Spruced up the demo program a bit.

Version 1.9, April 1992

Added ability to change foreground and background colors using the
arrow keys.

Version 2.0, April 1992

Fixed a nasty bug which prevented using the [Enter] key to complete
a dialog box entry. Interestingly, the problem appeared when
testing under Windows 3.1--it seemed to work OK under Win 3.0.

Added ability to save program configuration settings; the file
"ZGRAFWIN.CFG" is now used for this purpose.

Version 2.1, June 1992

Added ability to color in graph regions by clicking the left mouse
button inside the region to paint. The right mouse button now
brings up a dialog box allowing the user to set/change the paint

Version 2.2, June 1992

Improved the graph data-entry for most of the graphs. Entering
data values for the Pie, X/Y, Log, Area, and Polar graphs is now a
lot quicker and more intuitive, using "spreadsheet-like" screens.
The bar graph data-entry could still use some work, though, and
hopefully will be improved in the future.

Version 2.3, June 1992

Improved color options. User can now select from a palette of 64
colors. Blasted away at some more bugs...

Version 2.4, July 1992

Made the bar graph data-entry screen consistent with the other
"spreadsheet-like" data-entry screens.

Version 2.5, July 1992

Reworked the pull-down menu structure into a simpler, more
consistent interface.

Version 2.6, July 1992

Made the left-mouse click-to-paint feature "toggleable", to prevent
accidental graph paint catastrophes. Fixed the clipping rectangle
on the X/Y graph so that when displaying graphs that have points
which fall outside the graph boundaries (manual scaling option), no
points will be shown.

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Archive   : ZGRWIN26.ZIP
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