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*** WAVE *** ver 1.01
by: Bill Reamy

Wave is a freeware EGA demo that makes some neat looking pattterns.

Commands: use these commands when running wave.
Q or X................ Quit
Esc................... Skip to next pattern
F1.................... Pop up the help screen

Wave will pause after making each pattern.
If you want to change the length of the pause,
run Wave with a command line parameter.
for exampl.: C>Wave K
Use a letter from A to Z.
A is the shortest delay, Z is the longest.

The Turbo Pascal 5.0 source code is in the file Wave.Pas
The file EGAVGA.BGI contains graphics routines for use by Wave.Exe,
and must be in the same directory as Wave.Exe.

Fine Print:

Wave is freeware, you can use it and copy it, free.
But if you distribute it, please distribute ALL files.


EGAVGA.BGI is Copyright (c) Borland International and may only be
copied for use with this program.

Wave.Exe was created using Turbo Pascal, Copyright (c)
Borland Inernational 1987,1988.

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