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Walls Version 1.2
Copyright 1987 Alacrity

WALL1 and WALL2 - AutoCAD Ver 2.5x and up
NEAT - AutoCAD Ver 2.6x and up
OPENING, DOOR, WINDOW and RELITE - AutoCAD 2.5x and up

AutoCAD and AutoLISP are registered trademarks of AutoDesk, Inc.

--------------------------------< Notice >---------------------------------

WALLS.LSP and associated files (see list below) are being introduced as
'shareware' software for use with AutoCAD. You may copy and distribute
these files freely providing a) no fee is charged and b) all of the files
are distributed together in their original, unmodified form. Please use
WALLS.ARC file for uploading to bulletin boards and such.
If you like Walls and find it useful, then your $10 would be greatly
appreciated. By sending in $10 (use form below) you will become a
registered owner. Registered owners will receive bug fixes and will be
notified of revisions. Revisions of Walls will be made available to all
registered owners for the cost of materials, shipping and handling (i.e.
Learning institutions (AutoCAD training centers, vocational techs,
public schools, etc...) who own at least one registered copy of Walls may
apply for a site license (max. 10 copies). If so, attach a letter with the
order form giving concise information about the institution (name, address,
etc.), instructors name, department head, number of stations and number of
students. Be nice since site licenses will be awarded on a generosity
basis (i.e. send candy, too).
You may reference the Walls routines from within your own AutoCAD menus
observing the following a) the copyright notice is left intact b) Walls
is not distributed in whole or in part in any manner with any other

----------------------------< Introduction >-------------------------------

One day I woke up and looked around and realized that I was lacking a
set of good wall generation routines. Welcome Walls. Walls is a group of
routines that assist the AutoCAD user in drawing and cleaning up walls
(i.e. parallel lines).
The next day I woke up and decided that I should write some window and
door routines to compliment Walls. With the notion of parametric
programming in my head, I then decided to get ride of all those silly
blocks and burdensome macros usually associated with door and window
routines. When was the last time you have been able to have your cake and
eat it, too?

------------------------------< Specifics >--------------------------------

You will need to have all of the Walls files where you they can be
found. Create a directory named C:\ALACRITY.


Copy all of the Walls files into C:\ALACRITY.


The LISPHEAP and LISPSTACK enviroment variables must be set (From a
batch file or by hand) before entering AutoCAD.


Enter a drawing in AutoCAD and when you see the "Command:" prompt load


Now Walls should be all set. Below is a list of the Walls commands and
their prompts. Simply type in the name of a routine (i.e. WALL1) to make
it work.

WALL1 allows the user to draw line(s) with a parallel set of line(s) at
a specified offset.
Command: WALL1
Offset distance:
From point:
To point:
Which side?
To point:

WALL2 allows the user to draw a set of parallel line(s) offset from a
center line(s). The center line drawn by the user will be used to offset
the sides. The distance between the sides is the offset distance. Wall
corners are FILLETed.
Command: WALL2
Offset distance:
From point:
To point:

NEAT does almost everything you've ever wanted to do. Almost. NEAT can
clean-up wall intersections, tees and corners. Bring up NEAT.SLD slide to
see the types of walls that NEAT can do.
Command: NEAT
First corner:
Other corner:

WINDOW breaks apart a wall and creates an exterior window symbol. The
inside line of the wall (window sill) will be BREAKed but not erased. The
ledge drawn will be a polyline (easier to pick).
Command: WINDOW
Inside point on wall:
Touch opposite side of wall:
Width of window:
Which side?
Width of ledge:

RELITE breaks apart a wall and creates an interior window symbol. The
window sills will be removed unless you answer 'NO' to 'Remove wall?'.
Command: RELITE
Remove wall? No/:
Insertion point on wall:
Touch opposite side of wall:
Width of window:
Which side?

OPENING breaks apart a wall.
Command: OPENING
Insertion point on wall:
Touch opposite side of wall:
Width of opening:
Which side?

DOOR breaks apart a wall and inserts a door symbol. The default angle

of the door is set to 90 degrees from the wall.
Command: DOOR
Hinge point on wall:
Touch opposite side of wall:
Width of door:
Which side?
Angle of door <90d0'0">:

---------------------------< Nitty & Gritty >------------------------------

Offsets, widths (ledge width, too) and door angle will display defaults
when available. Simply hit [ENTER] to accept the default.
All of the Walls routines will accept whatever the current units are.
They will also disply the defaults in the current units.
When specifing the intersection to clean with the NEAT routine, try to
make the window a little bit larger to ensure that it selects all of the
objects that you want (examples in NEAT.SLD). Every now and then NEAT will
refuse to clean an intersection properly. Try to remedy the problem by
ZOOMing in or specifing the select window differently (switch corners).
NEAT will sometimes make you appreciate AutoCAD's UNDO.

----------------------------< What's New ?? >------------------------------

Walls 1.1 new features:
- better error handling (nearly idiot proof)
- offsets and widths have to be greater than zero
- 'Invalid input...' error for accidental [ENTER]s
- adds standard *error* function to cut screen garbage
- Default values for offsets and widths
- Allows entry in current units format
- Displays defaults in current units setting
- more logical prompting on WALL1 and WALL2

Walls 1.2 new features:
- RELITE for interior windows
- WINDOW changed to reflect exterior windows
- DOOR angle can be changed

----------------------------< List Of Files >------------------------------

WALLS.LSP ......... the Walls routines
WALLS.DOC ......... this file
WALLS.ARC ......... for giving to your friends
NEAT.SLD .......... examples of what NEAT can really do

--------------------------< Registration Form >---------------------------

To become a registered owner of Walls print out and send the following
form with a check or money order for $10 per copy (US dollars, Washington
residents add 8.0% sales tax) to:

12405 SE 25th St.
Bellevue WA, 98005

Name: _______________________________________________________

Title: _______________________________________________________

Company: _______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Phone: (______) _______________ Date: ________________________

AutoCAD version/machine type: __________________________________

Number of copies: _____

How did you here about Walls 1.1: ______________________________

----------------------------< Stay In Touch! >-----------------------------

The setting up of your AutoCAD enviroment is a very personal thing,
everybody likes things a little bit different. I won't set up your AutoCAD
enviroment for you, but I will help you. If you have trouble getting Walls
to work just right for you, please get a hold of me (i.e. CompuServe) or
write to me.
Walls Version 1.2 is just a part of what Walls will be in the future.
My intent is to eventually develope an entire library of architectural
routines. Maybe even a menu tablet. But people need this stuff and I
happily plugging away.
I actually enjoy programming and specialize in tools that make using
AutoCAD a whole lot easier. My belief is that no man is an island. If you
have ideas and/or suggestions as to what Walls should be, I have an open
mind. Besides, if I use an idea of yours in Walls -- you will become a
registered owner of the next release of Walls for free (whether or not you
are already a registered owner).

Ciao, Jason Osgood

CompuServe ID: 73417,1756

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