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*** Sandd's VShow v1.2 - (c) March 1993 ***

Readme File for Sandd's VShow

A) Introduction
Sandd created this program to make it easy and quick to find, view
and print pictures.

B) Quick Start
Start the program from the DOS prompt by typing VSHOW. Select the
files with the arrow keys or the mouse. Press on the file
name or use the left mouse button on the filename. To view the image
full screen press again or click on the picture in the window.
To Dither an image, load the image and select the "Dither" menu.
After the image is dithered select the print menu to print to your
Deskjet or Laser type printer.

C) Questions
What is Sandd's VShow?
This program can view and print all of your GIF & PCX picture files.

How do I register or buy the program?
Fill out the order form and mail the completed form with your check
to Sandd Software. To print the order form, type the following DOS

Can I buy this program with my credit card?
Yes, contact Public software Library (PsL) at 1-800-242-4775 and
ask to order this program. The order number is 10672.

How do I install the program on my hard disk?
If you received the program in a packed format such as ZIP then
unpack the program to your hard disk. If the files are not
compressed then copy the program disk to your hard disk.

How do I start the program?
Type VSHOW from the Dos prompt.

Can I use my mouse?
Yes, when you start the program the program will look to see if a
mouse is installed. If one is found then there will be a mouse
cursor on the screen.

Do I need any special hardware to use this program?
Yes, this program will run only with a VGA monitor.
To print pictures a Laser or Deskjet printer is required.

What is SuperVGA?
This is a defacto standard throughout the industry for defining
the PC graphics system. If you have 512K on your video card and
a VESA driver available then you can run this program in SuperVGA.

How do I load VESA?
If your video card does not have VESA then run a VESA program that
is compatible with your video card. Usually the driver is located
with the software that came with the video card. Look for a file
name VESA.COM or VVESA.COM or check the manual.

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