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To run the demo, type: RUNVGA DEMO.RUN

With that out of the way, this is a demo of Virtual Reality Studio; in fact,
this is the demo VR supplied in the package. It's a full-fledged adventure
game in which your goal is to get off the planet.

The controls at the bottom of the screen are pretty straight-forward. Click
them with the left mouse button and they'll do what they should (i.e. go
forward/backward/left/right, turn left/right, look up/down/level). Using
the right mouse button accelerates most functions, but changes the meaning
of a few: back becomes turn around and look up/down becomes stand up/crouch.

Clicking the left button with the cursor in the viewport fires your laser.
Clicking the right one activates whatever it's on (i.e. opens doors, picks
up objects, etc.). Escape restarts; Shift-Escape exits to DOS.

If you like its capabilities, Virtual Reality Studio lists for $90, but most
stores carry it for about $70. You need a 286 or better with 640k and CGA,
Tandy, EGA, or VGA graphics. Supports joystick and mouse and AdLib sound.
Also available for the Amiga (its original platform).

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