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Û Copyright 1993-1994 Lawrence Gozum Û
Û All rights reserved. Û


VIDVUE is an easy-to-use Multimedia player/slideshow/viewer/utility
distributed as 100% Functional Shareware.

It fully supports FULL-FEATURED 89a and 87a GIFs with, probably, the fastest
decode-to-screen Window routines (80x86 assembly). Includes Full Screen
decoding and full support for JPG/JIF, BMP/DIB, PCX, TIFF, TGA and DCX
formats, plus, raster image support for WPG, EPS and PICT files - and, full
vector support for WMF files. Comment viewing, with many options, for GIF
and JPG/JIF files is also supported.

It plays AVI video, WAV audio, MIDI music, FLI/FLC animation files and
APple Quicktime MOVies. AVI and MOV playback can be fully scaled in a
sizeable window. Includes AVI frame grab function to import and save
AVI and MOV frames to other formats.

Multimedia slideshows (w/ all formats) can be played with marked files and
user scripts. Includes Shuffle Play, AutoCenter, AutoDither, AutoSize,
variable delays and backgrounds and AVI scaling, special GIF processing,
plus other features PER SLIDE! Plays WAV and MID files with displayed
images. Unlimited slides (as many as you want).

Conveniences include last file(s) recall (up to eight files); last
drive/directory recall and last desktop position recall.

Image printing on B/W printers supports error-distributed dithering for
superior gray shades. Interface includes a simulated document to resize and
position image on paper before printing.

Special image processing includes 'hotspot removal' for converting GIFs to
BMP Wallpaper without the "burnt colors", and PackVideo, for enhancing video
frame captures and resizing.

VIDVUE also converts file formats, sharpens, smoothens, adjusts contrast
and brightness, resizes, flips/rotates, dithers, reduces colors, converts
to gray, and copies DIBs to/from clipboard, among other features.


Required: Windows 3.1 running in Enhanced mode and VBRUN300.DLL.
********* Browse/search for "VBRUN" to check availability in any forum/RT,
or check local BBSs for VBRUN3.ZIP or VBRUN300.ZIP.

Optional: Installed Video for Windows (VFW) runtime for AVI playback.
Browse/search for "VFW" to check availability, or check local

Optional: Installed MCI drivers for WAV and MIDI playback.
These come with your sound card.

Optional: Installed MCI drivers for FLI/FLC playback.
At CIS, download NEWPLA.ZIP from GO ASOFT
At GEnie, download AAWIN11.ZIP from CYBERSPACE RT;
or check local BBSs for AAWIN11.ZIP (or later).

Optional: Installed MCI drivers for MOV (Quicktime for Windows) playback.
You most likely have installed MCI drivers for Quicktime for
Windows (QTW) playback, if you purchased and are currently using:

Adobe Premiere 1.0 (or later) for Windows
Macromedia Action 2.5 (or later) for Windows
Macromedia Authorware Pro 2.0 (or later) for Windows

If you have a CDROM and several CDROM titles, you may already have
the QTW runtime files, VIDVUE's README.WRI file details how to
setup for MCI playback.


2. Download LICENS.TXT from Library 8.
3. Read and abide to terms and conditions in LICENS.TXT.
4. If you agree to LICENS.TXT, then download

Note: QTDSK1.ZIP and QTDSK2.ZIP are NOT distributable files.
Only YOU can download and use them (see LICENS.TXT).

VIDVUE 2.4 Update

o Added Clipboard DIB Support.

- Copy DIB to Clipboard
- Paste DIB from Clipboard
- Empty Clipboard

o Added Quicktime (*.MOV) movie support.

- Virtually, all AVI (Video for Window) functionality implemented.
- Complete Slideshow support/integration.
- Quicktime (*.MOV) movie frame grab function (similar to AVI grabs)
for importing and exporting graphic frames to different file formats.

o Added HiColor DDB (device-dependent bitmap) support for grabbing
32K-color and 64K-color AVI (with VFW 1.0 or VFW 1.1 runtime) and MOV
(Apple Quicktime) movie frames; includes DDB support for 5/5/5, 5/6/5,
6/5/5 and 6/6/4 display modes.

o Control Window is now "Always On Top" when showing AVI, MOV (Quicktime)
or FLI/FLC animation to account for increasingly large video frame
sizes (eg., 640x480).

o Added "RIFF walker" for FAST AVI file info.

o Added "RIFF walker" for FAST WAV file info.

o Added File Date field to all File Info functions.

o BUGFIX: Resizing of images with systems low on memory triggered
a DLL missing error; corrected.

o BUGFIX: Monitor Contrast and Brightness adjustments updated incorrectly
in Viewing Window AFTER decoding a GIF to Full Screen; corrected.

o BUGFIX: VIDVUE's Setup trigerred an error during install with
Windows for Workgroups; corrected.

o BUGFIX: With VFW 1.1 runtime, playing AVI files WITHOUT an audio track
trigerred an MCI error; corrected.

o BUGFIX: With VFW 1.1 runtime, playing AVI slideshows trigerred a GPF
when palette updated on some systems in 256 color modes; corrected.

o BUGFIX: Ending slideshow by clicking on screen sometimes trigerred an
MCI error depending on speed of CPU and transfer rate of data; corrected.

o BUGFIX: Setup still caused an error on European systems using various
characters for date delimiters (eg., 5.28.94); corrected - totally
removed date dependencies in setup.

VIDVUE 2.3 Update

o Added WMF support.
- WMF header info
- Variable scaling and resizing
- Auto size support
- Full screen support
- Slideshow support

o Added User-Definable background color for all images and immediate
slideshows via Color Dialog.

o Added option for FAST, seamless GIF transitions (decodes in background
while current slide is showing) in immediate slideshows.

o Recompiled subclassing routines for 256-color displays; faster!

o Added extended Printer Setup dialogs.

o Added 3D support for Message boxes and dialogs.

o Accelerated Mark Directory function for slideshow.

o Added system & video info window (memory, resources, video ...)

o Added optional File Manager association with VIDVUE in Setup for
GIF, JPG, PCX, TGA, TIF and BMP files.

o Added MCI "bullet proofing" routines for WAV, MID, FLI/FLC and AVI devices.

o BUGFIX: Setup expected THREED.VBX's datestamp to be in U.S. format (ie.,
M/D/YY) causing a "Type mismatch ..." error on systems with International
date formats (eg., YY/M/D); corrected.

o BUGFIX: Wrong filename was displayed in viewing window title when
viewed via File Manager association; corrected.


Please ensure that VBRUN300.DLL is in your Windows directory or
Windows System sub-directory before running VVUSETUP.EXE from Windows.

To install, select "Run" from the Program Manager menu bar then enter
the pathname and "VVUSETUP". For example, if you extracted the files
into "e:\test" then type "e:\test\vvusetup".

VIDVUE's Setup now provides an option to setup ALL files in it's specified
application directory.


The following files MUST be included in this distribution set.

README 1ST This file.

VVUSETUP EXE Setup program

VVU EXE \ These program execution files
VIDVUE EXE / are placed in VIDVUE's app dir.

DEMO TXT --> Skeleton Slideshow script
README WRI --> Read this!


VIDVUE DLL \ These are required DLL & VBX
ACCUSOFT VBX \ support files. They will optionally reside
MDICHILD VBX > in your Windows system sub-directory
SUBEZ VBX / after successful installation.

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