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VGAGRAF v4, a VGA paint program, very good.
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VGAGRAF v4, a VGA paint program, very good.
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REVHST.DOC 948 495 deflated
VGA01.HLP 1295 569 deflated
VGA02.HLP 276 173 deflated
VGA03.HLP 514 279 deflated
VGAGRAF.DOC 17594 6975 deflated
VGAGRAF.EXE 127888 59448 deflated

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Contents of the REVHST.DOC file

Revision History:
4/13/1989 Released version 0.03 as VGAGRAF0.LZH on the Tech BBS
(417-862-9824 9pm-7am) as Beta test release site.
4/19/1989 Released version 0.03 as VGAGRAF0.ZIP on local BBSs. Fixed minor
bug in EGA routine for color control.

5/05/1989 Released version 0.04 as VGAGRAF0.EXE (self extracting). Wrote
assembly language routines to replace library graphics functions.
This speeds up everything that writes to screen. Added rubber
banded lines, ellipses, rectangles. Modified ellipses so center
is now start point (allows ellipses partially on screen).
Added full screen mouse cursor and 'cross-hair' cursor.
5/07/1989 Fixed bug in EGA digitizing routine. Now uses default palette
colors (although they are shuffled a bit). Added mode dependant
'pseudo' dithering for digitizer.

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