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Gentle User,

PLOTS is an interactive program which assists you in running TPLOT. TPLOT is a
multi-purpose Technical PLOTting program. It is not necessary to have or run
PLOTS in order to utilize TPLOT; however, it does make it considerably
simpler. PLOTS integrates the power of TPLOT, an interactive setup program,
TPGEN, which has now been superceded, a file search/access utility, and your
editor. into one convenient package. In order to run PLOTS just type in the


PLOTS can call up an editor for you. You can use any editor or word processor
that you like as long as it outputs normal ASCII files. PLOTS will first
attempt to run EDITP.COM and upon not finding this, EDITP.EXE. You can copy
the executable for your editor into the corresponding filename (whether yours
is a .COM or .EXE file). Make sure there is not one already on your disk
before doing this as DOS will not warn you before copying one file over
another already existing one.


10/12/89: V2.7 you can now specify an optional alternate drive and path in
(the plot command and data files are still assumed to be in the
default). You specify this when you run PLOTS.EXE as illustrated


01/17/90: If you put NOBEEP right after PLOTS and before the optional path,
PLOTS will suppress beeps (internal as well as in TPLOT).

Dudley J. Benton
TVA Engineering Lab
P.O. Drawer E
Norris, TN 37828
(615) 632-1887

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