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/* Copyright (c) 1988-1989 */
/* by CompuServe Inc., Tucson, AZ. All Rights Reserved */
/* TIFRLE.H can be copied and distributed freely for any */
/* non-commercial purposes. TIFRLE.H can only be incorporated */
/* into commercial software with the permission of CompuServe Inc. */

/* Header file TIFRLE.H */

* Routine to read in bits of Huffman encoded scan line and emit
* corresponding Run Length counts.
* Bits are read in via next_bit_from_stream and refill_byte (see READTIF.H)
* Run lengths are stored in rle_line.
* If an EOL is seen before any pixels, eol_first is set.

extern void expand_huffman_line( rle_line *emit_line,
int *eol_first );
* Routine to process either an already expanded huffman_line or the following
* line to return the next pixel (WHITE or BLACK).
* Calls expand_huffman_line as needed.

extern short get_RLE_bit( void );

* Routine to read bits of Huffman stream until a run length has been
* determined. Returns new color, length of it and whether the end of line
* has been reached.

extern void expand_huffman_code( colors color_of_run,
int *length_of_color,
int *eol_seen );

* Routine to initialize variables for decoding a new page.

extern short int start_huffman_page( char huffman_name[] );