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TGL+ File List as of July 6, 1989 READ--ME.2ND

This is Version 2.00a of The Graphics Link Plus+ release disk.
The files contained in the self-extracting archive are described below.

READ--ME.1ST File containing information to late for the manual and
latest changes or additions to software, if any.

READ--ME.2ND This text file

TGL.EXE Self-extracting archive containing all the following programs

TGLPLUS.EXE The complete TGL+ program. Version 2.00a

DTGLGRAB.EXE Version 0.91 of TGLGRAB for DOS. Captures to a PICTOR
file. We will be upgrading this from time to time.

WTGLGRAB.EXE A Windows application that allows full or partial screen
captures to a PICTOR file.

WIN87EM.EXE A file required by WTGLGRAB for execution. Place in same
directory as WTGLGRAB.

TGLKLIB.EXE A file required by WTGLGRAB for execution. Place in same
directory as WTGLGRAB.

TXTCVRT.EXE This program converts an ASCII file into a PCX graphics
file by using your computer's resident ROM font or it
will use an external font description which is passed to
it on the command line. (eight fonts included on disk)

FONT01.SET A Times Roman 25 point font for TXTCVRT.


FONT03.SET A comical font for TXTCVRT. Letters are upsidedown.

FONT04.SET This is a "mirror image" font for TXTCVRT.

FONT05.SET A computer font for TXTCVRT.

FONT06.SET A screen type font in 10 point

FONT07.SET A screen type font in 14 point

FONT08.SET A screen type font in 16 point

ECOMP.EXE Our in-house file compare utility.

ZMERGE.EXE This utility merges an external palette file that was
created by Zsoft's Publisher's Paintbrush versions 1.0
up to version 1.60 with it's respective PCX file so that
it will work with versions of Publisher's beyond 1.60..

TI.EXE This utility checks and reports to the screen the TAGS
present in a TIFF file and their associated values.

STRIP.COM Strips the MacBianry header from a MacPaint file.

SIZE.EXE Reports width and height of PCX/PCC files to the screen.

MACHEAD.EXE Displays the header information on a MacPaint file.

FIXPB.COM Corrects the width of some erroneous PCX/PCC files.

ROTATE.EXE Rotates a PCX file 90, 180, or 270 degrees clockwise.
Performs on disk so the file size is only limited to
the PCX file limitation. Supports the PCX file with the
appended palette. If you are using an external palette
you must first ZMERGE the palette file before ROTATING.
Supports B&W, 16 color/gray scale, 256 color/gray scale
PCX files.

TVI-LOGO.GIF A sample Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) file of our
company logo. 320x200x256

A large selection of GIF files in many sizes and colors
are available on Compuserve(tm) in the GRAPHICS SUPPORT
FORUM. WheN you sign on Compuserve(tm) just type GO PICS
and you will be in the main forum of the GRAPHICS TRILOGY.
We support our product there and to get support just
leave a message in the PICS FORUM to me at 76370,271 and
I will respond to your question.


9600 USR-HST Bulletin Board Service 9600 USR-HST
For those of you with modems we offer free access to our conference
located on the MEGABYTE IMAGE CENTER BBS in Tulsa Oaklahoma. The "MIC"
is a full service PC-Board BBS operated at 19,200 - 1200 bps with USR
HST modems.

We have two conferences, #3 and #4, for TGL+.

Conference #3 is for callers looking for information on TGL+ and conference
#4 is for registered users of TGL+ to ask questions, report problems,
download upgrades, exchange ideas, and find the latest utilities for graphics
manipulation. Since #4 is for "registered users" access will take a few
days after you call. We cannot allow access until we receive your
registration card.

The TGL+ package contains two registration cards, one to be mailed to
HARVARD SYSTEMS, and one to be mailed to TerraVision. The one for
TerraVision is the one that will get your support and BBS access started.
Be sure to allow ample time for your registration card to arrive before
calling and asking for access to the support conference.
Since we offer upgrades via the support conference there will be no
exceptions to the registration process.

The phone number for the MIC BBS is 918-298-1901. You can leave
messages to me (Jim Alexander) in conferences #3 and #4. Please leave
any messages for me directly to my name and not as sysop comments. I do
not read the sysop comments since I am not the "main sysop". If you
think it necessary you can always make your message private when
addressed to me.

The MIC BBS is a "pay bbs". As such there are many users of the system.
If you experience delays in getting through do not complain to the sysop,
since you are not being charged for access it would not be appropiate
to complain.

We will be installing a new BBS system here at TerraVision and also one
at HARVARD SYSTEMS in the next few months. This will make electronic
access more readily available. I will post the additional phone numbers
on the MIC BBS when they become available.


For those of you with a Compuserve account we support TGL+ via the PICS
FORUM. When you log onto CIS just type GO PICS and you will end up in
the GRAPHSUPPORT FORUM of PICS. PICS is a three part FORUM made up of
GRAPHSUPPORT, QPICS, and GALLERY. Any messages that you leave for
support should be left in the GRAPHSUPPORT area. We check into the
forums at least once a day so you will get a quick reply to your
questions. While you are in the PICS FORUMS you can check out the large
selection of GIF files available for download. If you are looking for
colorfull and professionally created bitmapped graphics this is the
place to find them. If you are looking for a particular subject matter
just leave a message and someone will offer assistance. The sysop of
the PICS FORUMS is Larry Wood 76703,704. Feel free to leave him a
message and tell him what you think of the abundance and quality of
graphics offered for downloading.

For leaving messages to me (Jim Alexander) for support my PPN is 76370,271.



TerraVision, the developers of TGL+, provide the technical support for
the product. That is why you have two registration cards in your TGL+
package. Please be sure you mail both of the cards. Each one is
equally important. You cannot receive support without your "Support
Registration Card" on file with TerraVision.

Do not call HARVARD SYSTEMS for technical support !

Techical support is available from TerraVision only.


Technical support is offered for TGL+ in three different ways:

1. Voice Support

TGL+ registered users receive 60 days of free voice support.
You can call (404)-769-5641 between the hours of 1:00pm and
4:00pm EST for help with TGL+ during the first 60 days after
you purchase TGL+. Voice support will not be available unless
your registration card is on file with TerraVision. There will
be no exceptions to this policy so please don't ask.
After 60 days if you desire voice support then you will be
billed at the rate of $50.00 for each 15 minutes, with a 15
minute minimum. This is payable by Master Card or Visa only.
Please have your card number available when calling technical
support after expiration of your 60 day time period.

2. BBS Support

There is no time limit or charge for support via our conferences
on the MEGABYTE IMAGE CENTER BBS. 1-918-298-1901

3. Compuserve Support

There is no time limit or charge (other than the normal CIS
access charges) for support via the PICS forum on Compuserve.
Jim Alexander, PICS FORUM, 76370,271

4. FAX Support

FAX support is also free for the first 60 days. After your 60
day support period has expired there will be a flat rate of
$10.00 per FAX. Payable via Master Card or Visa only. Please
include your card number on your FAX after the expiration of
your 60 day time period.

5. Contract Support

Contract support can be purchased by companies that have site
license agreements with TerraVision or have multiple
installations of TGL+ within the comapny.
TerraVision offers reasonably priced support plans for not only
our products but for support for other products as well.
Since our business is strictly graphics oriented we can offer
you excellent technical support for all of your IBM-PC/AT based
graphics products. So if you need support in the graphics field
give us a call or send us a FAX today for a quote on your
particular situation.

6. Phone Numbers

Voice Technical Support - 404-769-5641 1:00pm - 4:00pm EST
FAX - 404-769-8013 24 hours


Thank You,
Jim Alexander, President
TerraVision, Inc.

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