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****** Ottersoft Presents...
*** **
** *** TELEPORT V1.1 (tm)
************ *
** ** copyright(C) 1987
* ** by Ottersoft and David Kahan
* * * All rights Reserved
* *** *** ***
* * Cut and paste between programs.
* * View 4 screens simultaneously.
* *



Teleport is a ram resident full featured program that makes cutting and
pasting data between different programs a simple thing to do. In doing so
it has the capability of capturing and editing up to 4 different screens of
data at once and displaying them simultaneously. Teleport also has the
ability to save these captured screens as ascii files; in this way Teleport
can pop up reference screens at any time.


Teleport was developed initially just for the purpose of being able to view
more data at once. It is written entirely in 8086 assembly language. The
first version allowed the capturing of screens into 4 windows and had the
ability to display them at will. Finding this to be extremely useful it
was decided to work seriously with the program to make it a viable product.
We inproved the windowing methods, gave it the ability to save and retrieve
the capured screens, and most importantly the cut and paste feature was
added. We discussed methods of releasing the program publicly and decided to
give the User Supported Concept (Shareware) a try. Although we realize that
every user will not be able to help us out, we are relying on your good
faith to register the program if you can. Commercial users MUST register
Teleport. Teleport registration fee is $17 and with registration we will
send you a really cute OTTER tee-shirt. Additional shirts are available for
$8. Checks should be made payable to Ottersoft. We appreciate your
your suggestions and criticisims and look forward to developing many new
products in the future. If you can think of a neat program idea let us know!

IMPORTANT: The Otter featured in the tee-shirt is a European River Otter,
which we find is a friendlier Otter than many of its cousins.

Send your registration fee, shirt size and comments to ...

OTTERSOFT c/o David Kahan
5B Saratoga Court
Latham, NY 12110

CompuServe 70307,1454


EQUIPMENT Teleport requires an IBM PC or compatible using
a monochrome, CGA, or EGA video adapter.


Teleport now resides in memory and can be
called from within other programs.


At this time your screen will be replaced by
the four Teleport windows. This will be referred
to as the 4 quadrant mode. The active window has a
double border and is brighter. If you wish to exit
Teleport at this point press the key. At
present Teleport cannot be brought up when in graphics


Pressing the space bar will change the active

Invoke Teleport and press the key. Your
current program screen has been captured and
placed into the active Teleport window. You can
now scroll the window up, down, and sideways with the
cursor keys to see any part the captured screen you
would like.


Use the spacebar to select the desired window and
press . The window will now take up the
entire screen, and the data can be edited. The cut
and paste data is also selected while in the Zoom
mode. Press to return to the 4 quadrant

TO EDIT A WINDOW Zoom the window to full size. Use the cursor keys
to move about the window and enter text wherever
desired. Press to return to the 4 quadrant

TO CUT AND PASTE Zoom the selected window to full size. Move the
DATA cursor to the Top Left corner of the block of data
you wish to paste and press the key. Now move
the cursor to the Lower Right corner and press
the key. Your selected block has now been
highlighted in inverse video and is ready to be
pasted into your applications. Press
two times from here to exit Teleport. Now enter
your target program. When you wish to paste your
data press the and keys

TO MOVE DATA To move data between windows define your data block
BETWEEN WINDOWS as above with the keys. Move about
Teleport to the desired location and press the
key. Your data block has now been copied.

TO SAVE AND Invoke Teleport and activate the desired window.
RETRIEVE SCREENS Press the key. A menu will appears in the
FROM THE DISK Upper Left corner of the screen. Use the cursor
keys to select either the Save or Retrieve option.
Press when selected. You will now be asked
to enter the screen name. Enter only the first part
of the name. Do not enter a file extension, as
Teleport files are automatically given the extension
'.TPT'. Press enter when complete. Your screen has
now been saved or Retrieved. Press to exit
the menu. (Note: Use this feature with care. It is
not recommended that you try to access Teleport files
at the same time the application program is doing a
disk intensive activity.)


Ottersoft has released Teleport v(1.1) as a Shareware product, not as a public
domain product. Teleport cannot be sold without the expressed written
permission of Ottersoft. The program is distributed as is, and Ottersoft is
not responsible for any unusual things that might happen with your particular
computer system. Once again thank-you for your help by registering Teleport!

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