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SVGA 1.10 Manual Addendum

This addendum documents changes since the SVGA 1.10 manual went to press.

1.11 Added the SVGATEMP environment variable. Previously, SVGA would
use the TEMP variable setting (if valid) for its virtual memory
path. SVGA now uses SVGATEMP, then TEMP, then the current

1.12 Added /i command line switch. This switch instructs SVGA to start
up in the currently operational video mode, rather than switching
to the standard 80x25 text mode. Pressing F7 at the file display
screen will toggle between the initial video mode and the standard
80x25 mode.

Added /g command line switch. This switch instructs SVGA to not
use graphical characters on a VGA display. This was added due to
incompatibilities with some video adapters.

Added /s command line switch. This switch tells SVGA to exit to
DOS when single image viewing is complete. Default behavior is
to run the standard user interface after single image viewing.

Added ability to specify path or image name on the command line for
automatic path selection or image viewing on startup.

Additionally, 4DOS descriptions of up to 120 characters in length
are supported in accordance with the specification listed in the
4DOS 4.0 manual.

The following command line format replaces that stated in the

SVGA [/sbgadrvi4] [/x xres] [/y yres] [/p path] [path/fname...]

The /s option selects single image viewing mode.
The /b option selects BIOS for screen I/O rather than direct screen
The /g option disables text mode character graphics.
The /a option selects automatic resolution selection at startup.
The /d option selects display of 4DOS descriptions at startup.
The /r option selects file list image resolution display at startup.
The /v option selects the VESA interface if VESA is installed.
The /i option uses the current video mode at startup.

The /4 option selects 43/50 line mode at startup.
The /x and /y options specify the largest allowable display mode at
The /p option specifies the path SVGA should switch to at startup.

All command line switches are optional, and may be specified in any

Only command line switches may be set in the SVGA environment
variable. Specifying a default path requires the /p switch.


Adapters based on the Cirrus Logic CL-GD542x graphics controllers
may not function correctly in VESA modes when more than 2MB of
video memory is installed. This is due to a bug in the Cirrus Logic
BIOS in which the bank switching code does not check the alternate
banking bit, and accordingly does not alter it's addressing method
to accomodate addressing the extra memory. The result is banding and
overlapping of the image. There is no workaround at this time for
VESA support. SVGA fully supports the Cirrus Logic family in native
mode, however.

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