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DGSUMMA.COM is a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) ADI driver for use with
AutoCad(R), AutoShade(R), and AutoSketch(R) by AutoDesk, Inc. DGSUMMA may be
invoked from the DOS command prompt or from within a batch file. It provides
ADI V4.0 compatibility and is always installed on interrupt 79.

DGSUMMA's usage and three optional arguments are as follows:

Usage: DGSUMMA [/T#] [/#] [/Ax]

First argument: Tablet size specifier.

/T2 for SummaSketch 12"x12" or MMII 1201.
/T8 for SummaSketch 18"x12" or MMII 1812.
/T9 for SummaSketch 6"x9".

Second argument: Communications port specifier.

/1 for COM1.
/2 for COM2.
/3 for COM3, PS/2 Models only.
/4 for COM4, PS/2 Models only.
/OFF to disable the driver.

Third argument: AutoSketch(R) scaling specifier.

WARNING - Use of this option makes DGSUMMA a non-ADI
specification driver - Be sure to reset
DGSUMMA to the ADI specification upon leaving
your application.

/AC for resetting to the ADI specification.
/AS for use with AutoSketch(R).

NOTE - While operating in this mode some command dialog
boxes may not be accessible using the SummaSketch.
To answer those questions you may use the "Escape"
key for "cancel" and the "Enter" key for "ok".

If you are using a SummaSketch 6" x 9" you will need
to set the "Limits" to 8" x 5.5" and then issue a
"Zoom Limits" command to provide the proper screen
aspect ratio.

Defaults are "DGSUMMA /T2 /1 /AC". If these are your required arguments,
type "DGSUMMA". To set up an AutoDesk, Inc. application, choose "ADI Device"
in the "Configure Input Device" menu. While DGSUMMA may be used with
AutoCad(R), it is not necessary since AutoDesk supplies drivers for all
Summagraphics tablets.

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