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DGMG.COM is an ADI driver that allows you to use your Summagraphics
LCL, Microgrid or 16 button SummaSketch II tablet with AutoCad,
Autoshade, and Autosketch by AutoDesk, Inc. Be sure that your
Summagraphics LCL or Microgrid is configured for UIOF format,
9600 baud, even parity, 2 stop bits, 7 data bits, 1000 LPI
resolution and binary mode. (SummaSketch II tablets with 16 button
cursors automatically default to the proper configuration.)
DGMG.COM provides full ADI v4.1 compatability.

Within AutoCAD select the ADI driver option for the
digitizer driver. The Summagraphics ADI driver is always installed on
Interrupt 79 (hexadecimal), which is the AutoCAD default.

Loading the ADI Driver:

DGMG has several optional command line arguments:

C>DGMG [/#] [/C#] [/A#] [/T#]

The first argument above selects the serial port that the tablet
is connected to. If this argument is omitted the driver will be
installed on the first serial port it finds.

/1 selects com1
/2 selects com2
/3 and /4 select com3 and com4 on PS/2 systems.

The second argument selects the cursor (or transducer) type that
you will be using with your Microgrid tablet. There are three

/CP selects a stylus tranducer
/C4 selects a 4-button cursor
/C16 selects a 16-button cursor

The default transducer type is a stylus. If you have more than one
type of transducer attached to your tablet, the /C# command line
argument will select which the driver will use.

The third argument selects between AutoCAD and AutoSketch usage:

/AC selects AutoCAD or AutoShade mode
/AS selects AutoSketch mode

The default mode is the standard AutoCAD (/AC) mode which uses
the full active area of the tablet. The AutoSketch mode was
designed for AutoDesk's AutoSketch drawing program. It scales
the digitized coordinates from the tablet so that one inch measured
on the tablet surface corresponds to one inch measured or plotted
by AutoSketch.

The fourth argument is useful with larger tablets. DGMG.COM normally
detects the size of the Summagraphics tablet it is working with and sets
the active area to the full size. The /T# option allows you to over-
ride the full size and specify a smaller one if you desire. The
sizes available are:

/T0 for 12" x 12" active area (SummaSketch II w/16 b cursor)
/T1 for 12" x 18" active area (SummaSketch II Pro. w/16 b cursor)
/T2 for 16" x 20" active area (Microgrid)
/T3 for 17" x 24" active area (Microgrid)
/T4 for 20" x 20" active area (Microgrid)
/T5 for 24" x 36" active area (Microgrid)
/T6 for 36" x 48" active area (Microgrid or Summagraphics LCL)
/T7 for 42" x 60" active area (Microgrid)

The active area set by the /T argument cannot be made larger than the
actual physical dimensions of your Summagraphics tablet. If either of
the Y or X dimensions specified by /T# excedes the actual size of your
tablet, the argument will be ignored.

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