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POVSUDS is a variation of a program written by Sam Hobbs and published in
the Sept '91 C User's Journal. The basic algorithm is from Clifford
Pickover's "Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty" (St. Martin's Press).

I have added the ability to create Persistence of Vision Raytracer data files
using redirection. The file thusly created will consist of a union of
declared objects (SudsObject) that can be any object that you
desire (and have the CPU power to trace!) as long as the object has the same
size as a unit sphere (radius=1). A file called SUDS.POV is included in this
package. This file is the "root" data file and it #includes the data
generated by this program. You must change the name of the #include
file to match that of the POVSUDS output file.

This program is FAR from finished. If you care to participate in its growth,
please read the header information in the .c file for some sense of the
direction that I'd like to see it move in. Please share your enhancements

- Dan Farmer
November 91
Updated November 93. Has it really been that long?

I have made the following changes:
o Changed to support new POV-Ray {} syntax
o Added registerVGA call to link with egavga.obj
o Made errors go to stderr
o Added 3D support (centers no longer constrained to a plane)
o Cleaned up input screen
o Added support for multiple textures
o Added spherical and rectangular bounding options
o Output to command line parameter
o Home the screen after gain

- Tim Wegner
January 92

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