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Page 3 of 14 THE Z KEY

You can also rotate an object using the Z key. Imagine a 3-dimensional
coordinate system with its origin at the center of your screen -- the x axis
runs from left to right, the y axis runs from bottom to top, and the z axis
comes out of the screen and pokes your nose. The R key, which you already know
about, allows you to rotate objects around the the x and y axes. If you press
the Z key, then the arrow keys will rotate the object around the x and z axes.

If there are any coordinate axes in the object you are displaying, they don't
have to correspond to the axes that AcroSpin uses to move objects. This is
illustrated by the next object, a 3-dimensional surface plot. Notice that the
z axis in the plot runs from bottom to top, but the z axis that AcroSpin will
rotate around if you press the Z key runs straight out of the screen.

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