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After playing with the cube, you may have a question about how the arrow keys
are interpreted. For example, when you are translating an object, the left
arrow key moves the object to the right. This is because AcroSpin doesn't
interpret the arrow keys as moving the object. AcroSpin thinks that the arrow
keys are moving your display screen -- in essence, the object is fixed in space
and you are flying your computer around it.


Three other keys that you might find handy are A, P, and HOME. If your screen
has nonstandard dimensions -- so that the cube looked squashed -- you can
adjust the display by pressing the A key and using the arrow keys.

To turn off the 'Press h for help' message, press the P key. Pressing the P
key again turns the message back on.

After moving an object around, you can return it to its initial position at the
center of the screen by pressing the HOME key.

You can practice using the A, P, and HOME keys while you fly your computer
around the next object.

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