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_Sine_is simple. It produces an ever-changing, swirling
pattern of colors on your monitor. The effect is hypnotizing
and relaxing. Running _Sine_ is an excellent way to
demonstrate the power of your color display.

You can run _Sine_ on any color system, from basic CGA and
EGA displays to VGA. If you have a VGA system, _Sine_ can
use either the 640 X 480, 16-color mode or the 320 X 200,
256-color mode for even more colors and resolution. To see a
list of options, give the command SINE /H.

_Sine_ is in the public domain, but the author, David Thomas
Stewart of Ontario, holds a copyright on the program and asks
for contributions form users. _Turbo_Pascal_ source code for
_Sine_ is available for a $20 contribution.