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Virtual Memory Utility for PVPRO

This file contains a utility program for PVPRO. It's purpose is to expand
(or reduce) the amount of memory available to PVPRO during it's operation.
The "region size" consists of the physical RAM *PLUS* the amount of disk
space allocated to a swapfile for PVPRO. As posted on CIS PVPRO will
render approx. a 15,000 triangle file. (Supports 4Megs of memory. In a
machine with less than 4megs of RAM the VMM may be used to raise it to
that amount. In a machine with *more* than 4megs of RAM it will go ahead and
use it.) To expand the virtual memory available more Hard Disk space
must be allocated to PVPRO. PVPROMOD will list the amount of physical RAM
available in the machine PLUS the free space on the hard disk. Any or all of
this can be allocated for PVPRO's use during a trace. Theoreticly this
can go as high as 4 Gigabytes!

Place PVPROMOD in the same directory as PVPRO. From the command
line type:


The program will run and present a list of the current parameters that
PVPRNC operates under. The number in the upper right corner of the table
(The one labeled "Region Size:") is the amount of memory (Both virtual
and physical combined AT THAT TIME.) that PVPRO can use.
Press the (M)odify key to change the parameters. You can then manualy
enter the amount of memory you want the program to use although it is
suggested you use the (A)ccept key to use the recommendations of PVPROMOD.
( *** Remember you need enough free disk space to write out your image
file as it is created though!!! *** ) For a 32,000 triangle image you need
about 6000K of memory available. The PVPRNC executable file will then be
modified to reflect your choices. Since much of this "memory" is usually
a swap file on your hard disk you will get much better performance with
a recently de-fragmented disk. The program will NOT allow you to allocate
a larger region size than can be created AT THAT TIME. I.E. if you have
6 Megs of combined RAM/Hard Disk space avail. you cannot make the region
size any larger than that. Also if the region size is set to a particular
amount and your hard disk is later filled to the point that the free
disk space is not large enough for the required swap file to be created,
the program will *NOT* run. It will error with an insufficient memory
message. You will need to modify the region size to accomodate the smaller
amount of disk space avail.

An environment variable is used to "point" to the location of the swap
file. The DEFAULT swap file is C:\XMSWAP.TMP. To set it to another
location the following must be added to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


Where d: is the drive and [subdir] is the subdirectory you wish to use
for the swapfile. You will need to reboot the machine for this parameter
to take effect.

(Note: The test triangle files reffered to were generated with FRGEN 1.1.)

Bill Pulver CIS: 70405,1152

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