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Revision History
PROview II

V1.00 release date 9/92
Initial release of PROview II v1.00

Whatsnew New
V2.00 release date 10/92
Added support for the VESA video standard. If your current
video adaptor is NOT supported by PROview II, then check your
documentation for VESA compatibility. If it is VESA compat-
ible, then install the VESA driver that was supplied with your
video hardware before running PROview II. You may also FORCE
VESA detection and use by PROview II by starting PROview II with
the /V command line parameter. You must have previously
installed a VESA compatible video driver in your system for this
to work. If you force VESA detection and the VESA driver is not
located, PROview will default to the standard VGA 320x200x256
mode (which is very limiting) even if your system has one of the
supported video boards.
EXAMPLE: c7prov /V [enter] (forces VESA mode detection)

Added support for TGA Targa True Vision 24-bit image
file format. Please note that this is an RGB type format and can
require gobs of ram to load depending upon the image. Upon
successful loading, PROview II immediately converts the image to
a 256 color image, suitable for displaying in any of the
supported SVGA video modes.

Added support for optionally selecting the compression
technique for Targa files and TIFF files.

Added more special effects and changed the menu item
'Cast It' to 'Effects'. In addition to the 'Metal', 'Concrete',
and 'Granite' effects, 'Charcoal', 'Cast Iron', and 'Oil Paint'
have been added.

The capture function has been expanded to allow the user
to define a NEW starting point for the area to capture by
clicking the RIGHT MOUSE button while defining the area to
capture. The user may also ABORT the capture, by pressing the
ESCape key during this same process. Capture now allows you to
optionally 'Accept' or 'Undo' the newly captured image.

SORTing of files......
A SORT on/off selection button has been added to the
files list window. Activating the button (default) causes all

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Revision History
PROview II

files in the list box to be sorted by name. Turning the function
OFF causes the files to be listed in an unsorted manner.

Edit Mode ......
Changes to the edit screen have been made and will show a
striking dissimilarity from the previous version. The
following items have been added / or enhanced:
Palette view..
The palette is now shown in it's entirety at the bottom of
the edit screen. This version does not allow any palette
changes to be made by the user, however, it makes a nice
reference to your current image color scheme. Future
versions will have support for altering the color palette.
Scroll bars....
The edit screen now contains scroll bars with each bar
containing position buttons. Each button control the
scrolling of the image currently displayed in the
direction indicated by the letter in the button. By
placing the mouse pointer on the button marked 'D' (down)
and pressing the LEFT mouse button, the image will slowly
scroll downward with in the viewing area. Pressing the
LEFT mouse button on the same scroll button will cause the
image to rapidly advance to the end of the image. The
buttons of the LEFT vertical scroll bar are:
H... Position the 'Y' axis of the image to the starting
image position (?,0) assuming x,y coordinates.
U... Move towards the TOP of the image.
D... Move towards the bottom of the image.
E... Position the END of the image to the bottom of the
viewing area.
The scroll buttons located on the horizontal scroll bar work
in a similar manner except that they move the image in a left-
right fashion.

Added the capability to RESIZE any image displayed while
in 'Edit Mode'. The image may be reduced to it's smallest
possible size or up to the limits of the current video mode.
USAGE: Select 'Resize' from the pull down menu- the image will be
repainted at coordinates 0,0. A box will be displayed whose size
may be adjusted with the movement of the mouse pointer. Adjust
the box to the desired finished size of the image and 'click' the
mouse button. The new image will be displayed at the new size.

A setup menu has been provided that allows control of
various parameters for the video capture function. You may now
select one of three video modes (VESA users are restricted to VGA
320x200x256 only), one of 4 display styles, paused VCR on/off,
interlaced or non-interlaced video, the type of video (ntsc/s-
video) and scan speeds of 1.5s, 6s, 12s, or 24s. All settings
are saved to a config file in the current directory.

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Revision History
PROview II

Minor improvements and bug fixes also implemented, all too
trivial for mention.

v3.00 Release date 12/92

Added the capability to convolve an image using a
user defined matrix. Matrix' may be saved for later use.

With the use of ComputerEyes PRO and suitable video
scanning equipment, PROview II will create like-like 3D slides
for viewing ON-SCREEN three dimensional images in TRUE 3D!
Stereoscopic and Red/Green slides are both supported.

Fixed minor bugs including video memory paging problem when used
with TSENG VESA driver.

v3.20 Release date 02/93
Improvements in the algorithm for RED/GREEN stereo slide
generation have been made that greatly improve quality in the
finished RED/GREEN stereo slide.

Added ability for user to enter the RED, GREEN and BLUE filter
values for RED/GREEN stereo slide generation. This may be helpful
in optimizing the finished slide from various image frames.

Nolonger does PROview II reduce the size of the image when doing
RED/GREEN stereo slides. The image will remain it's original
size, however, both the left and right image frames must still be
of the same size.

Added 'ANTALIAS' and 'COLSHARP' matrix's to PROview II
distribution files.

Made minor improvements and further enhancements.

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