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PrintGal Version 2.4

Update Notice

Version 2.4 is now available. If you currently are a registered
user and did not receive a notice for the last update it was
because versions 2.2 and 2.3 were not major revisions. They had
minor bug fixes for printer support and monochrome graphics
adapters. I assumed that if you didn't contact me your version
of PrintGal was still working well.

New features:

Support for the New PrintShop

You may rename pictures while viewing them on the
graphics screen

Laser printers are supported

The most notable update this version is support for the New
PrintShop graphics. PrintGal does not fully support the .PNG
format that contains high resolution graphics. The high
resolution graphics require too much memory to load, so .PNG
files are limited to just printing the small version of the

The default printer setup is still for an Epson. I think I have
heard about most printer problems for supporting IBM compatible
printers and the manual has been updated to include this

Support has also been added for laser printers. The default
setup will print at 150 dots per inch. This allows about the
same number of graphics per page as a dot matrix printer. If you
print at 300 dots per inch you will get nearly twice as many
graphics per page, but it will be difficult to see details. The
manual explains how to set up a laser printer up at both

2.4a Fixed left margin for dot matrix printers

Send inquiries and order forms to:

Before July 1, 1990: After July 1, 1990:

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Lincoln NE 68505-3312 Lincoln NE 68512
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