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901112. Copyright Arthur Canfora. All rights reserved.
No program dissemination or modification for sale other than with
the specific prior written consent of the author; except for
free and unlimited distribution via Public Domain BBS in its unmodified
form for non-commercial use.


Version 1.0, initial release, Nov 12 1990

Files included:

WATCH FIX 1258 11-03-90 1:12a
WATCH PIC 16408 11-09-89 6:16p
WATCH SET 17067 11-04-90 12:19p
WATCHFIX BAT 388 11-08-90 1:07a
WATCHSET BAT 361 11-08-90 1:03a


"POKTWACH" = "Pocket Watch"

This set of programs will form and display a working image of the
windup pocket watch in widespread use in the late 19th and early 20th
centuries. The programs are written in BASIC using IBM BASICA
version 3.20; be sure that a current copy of a BASICA interpreter
is in the default directory or path before executing either of
these programs.

To run the program with automatic time setting and a pre-drawn watch image,
execute the "WATCHFIX" batch program.

To enjoy observing the steps performed in the "drawing" of this watch,
execute the "WATCHSET" batch program. "Watch out" for the puns which are
liberally sprinkled throughout the drawing process.

This was one of the first programs I have ever written,
and was used as a test case for me to use in learning the BASIC
program language. I am a retired Electrical Engineer who discovered
computers and programming after retirement as a "time filler".


This program is intended for FREEWARE distribution via BBS systems
for non-commercial personal enjoyment. If you enjoyed the program,
please drop me a brief letter telling me so at the address below.
This will give me the feedback to use in upgrading this program for future

Have a good time using these programs.

Arthur Canfora
7073 Catalpa Lane
Frederick, Md

Copyright 1990 November 12

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