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Archive   : PLYDAT.ZIP
Filename : MAKESPD.BAT

Output of file : MAKESPD.BAT contained in archive : PLYDAT.ZIP

rem Build a set of large data files using a version of the SPD
rem code that comes with the 'mtv' raytracer. Note the very
rem high value for "max_prims" in the file "polyray.ini". This
rem is necessary in order to store the large number of prims that
rem sometimes get generated by these routines.
make -f ztc.mak balls.exe > temp
make -f ztc.mak coil.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak gears.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak hilbert.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak mountain.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak rings.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak sphcoil.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak tetra.exe >> temp
make -f ztc.mak tree.exe >> temp
balls > balls.pi
coil > coil.pi
gears > gears.pi
hilbert > hilbert.pi
mountain > mountain.pi
rings > rings.pi
sphcoil > sphcoil.pi
tetra > tetra.pi
tree > tree.pi
ppolyray balls.pi -Q -V -o balls.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray coil.pi -Q -V -o coil.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray gears.pi -Q -V -o gears.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray hilbert.pi -Q -V -o hilbert.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray mountain.pi -Q -V -o mountain.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray rings.pi -Q -V -o rings.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray sphcoil.pi -Q -V -o sphcoil.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray tetra.pi -Q -V -o tetra.tga -t >> temp
ppolyray tree.pi -Q -V -o tree.tga -t >> temp