Category : Printer + Display Graphics
Archive   : PIXIT.ZIP
Filename : PIX320.ASM

Output of file : PIX320.ASM contained in archive : PIXIT.ZIP

comment # displays the image that follows the code in the VGA 320x200
by 256 color mode. The image is made using gifdcd from an appropriate
.gif file. For example, this will make from porsche.gif
assuming porsche.gif is a 320x200 .gif image:

C>gifdcd/w porsche
porsche is 320x200x5 bits and 4 bits/color with a global color map
background color is 0
image: start 0/0 pixels from left/top, is 320x200 sequential
code size = 5 bits
decompressed image = 64000 pixels
file properly terminated (but extra data at end)



pix320 segment
assume cs:pix320,ds:pix320,es:pix320,ss:pix320
org 100h
mov sp,100h
; select 320x200x8 VGA mode.
mov ax,13h
int 10h
; write 256 color palette.
mov ax,1012h
mov bx,0
mov cx,256
mov dx,offset image+16
int 10h
; turn off screen.
mov dx,03c4h
mov al,1
out dx,al
inc dx
in al,dx
or al,020h
out dx,al
; copy image to screen.
mov si,offset image+16+768
sub di,di
mov ax,0a000h
mov es,ax
assume es:nothing
mov cx,32000
rep movsw
; turn on screen.
mov dx,03c4h
mov al,1
out dx,al
inc dx
in al,dx
and al,0dfh
out dx,al
; wait for keystroke.
mov ah,0
int 16h
; restore screen and return.
mov ax,3
int 10h
int 20h
; image starts at even byte after code.
image label byte
pix320 ends
end start