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PixCat Picture Cataloger

Thank you for selecting PixCat, another amazing product from MIDPA
Softworks. PixCat is used for printing a catalog of all pictures in a
NewsMaster(tm), PrintMaster(tm), Print Shop(tm), or New Print Shop(tm)
graphics library.

To print the reference manual, you can "copy" it to your printer. For
example, if it is on your "A" disk, you could print it by entering:

copy a:pixcat.doc prn

PixCat will run on IBM PCs, ATs, PS/2s and true compatibles. PixCat
requires at least 256K of memory and MS DOS or PC DOS version 2.00 or
higher. PixCat may run under other configurations but, those have not
yet been tested.

If you are not sure whether PixCat will run on your machine, try it and
see what happens.

Files that should be on your disk include:

PIXCAT.EXE PixCat program. For those of you that have earlier
versions, this replaces both PixCatPM.COM and

PIXCATBW.BAT Invoke PixCat in "Black and White" for those of you
with monochrome monitors.

PIXCAT.HLP Data required by the PixCat help system.

PIXCAT.CFG The PixCat configuration file. This "remembers"
configuration information including screen colors and
printer type. If this file is not in your default
directory, PixCat will provide default colors and
assume you are using an Epson FX+ type printer. Once
in PixCat, you can adjust these parameters and create
or update this file by using the "Save Configuration
File" option on the main menu. This replaces any
PIXCAT.CFG files from versions prior to 2.0.

PIXCAT.CFP PixCat printer configuration file. This replaces any
earlier versions of PIXCAT.CFP.

*.CFP (optional) Additional printer configuration files.

PIXCAT.DOC The PixCat Reference Manual. Refer to this for
detailed reference. The PixCat screens are generally
self documenting via the help facility ("F1") so you
may not need to refer to this.

PIXCAT.HST History of Modifications to PixCat.

INVOICE.DOC PixCat Invoice/Registration Form and Customer Survey.

READ.ME The documentation you are reading now.

Ensure that the DOS disk and directory path you invoke PixCat from
contains the PIXCAT.HLP file, all "*.CFP" file(s) and, if it has
already been created, the PIXCAT.CFG configuration file.

Enter "pixcat" at the Dos Prompt to invoke PixCat. This will display
the PixCat primary selection menu.

When configuring PixCat for your printer, please remember to
specify whatever your printer "thinks it is". For example, if you have
an OKIDATA ML Printer with the IBM "Plug & Play" option, then configure
PixCat for an IBM Graphics Printer. If your printer is not on the
printer configuration list, you might try the IBM or Epson settings;
many printers emulate either the IBM or Epson printers.

Also, if you are upgrading from prior releases of PixCat, you will need
to erase your old PIXCAT.CFG file; Beginning with version 2.0, the old
1.xx PixCat .CFG and .CFP files are obsolete.

At this time, the only New Print Shop graphics libraries supported are
those in the "original" style format (*.POG and *.PNM) and those
containing new style small graphics (*.PNG and *.PNM).

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