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These two programs are an early pass at a fractal landscape generation
system, using the MidPoint Displacement method outlined by Dietmar Saupe in
The Science of Fractal Images,1988,Springer-Verlag,NY.

At this point, I've only tested this on VGA and EGA, but the routines should
detect and adjust for any graphics adapter.

Only overhead views are available, and the best I can do for color is
Turbo C's defaults, so 256 will have to wait for release 1.

File included:
pdq1.# - example file for level #.
makeland.exe - generate landscape files
drawland.exe - view landscape files
readme.pdq - this file

Any questions or comments, please contact me at:

John Maus
MediaMix Communications Inc.
435 Washington St. #401
Somerville, MA 02143