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The following shareware programs are available for free trial
from CompuServe, many local bulletin boards, and most shareware
disk vendors.


This utility program, allows you to capture text and graphics
screen images from other programs, save them in separate GEM .IMG
files, and later load them into other programs that can read the
same .IMG format such as Ventura Publisher. Preserves reverse
video fields in text mode.

GEMCAP works with IBM CGA (color) text and graphics modes. Also
works with Monochrome and Hercules displays and compatible text
mode displays (80 by 25 text mode only).


Another screen dump program and a display program. Together, they
provide a very simple means to capture screens from a running
program and later replay those screens in slideshow fashion.
Handy for quick demonstrations, where more complicated slide show
programs are "too much".

Works with IBM color and monochrome compatible text mode displays
(doesn't support graphics).


creates flowing graphic images on your display as you move your
mouse. If art can be fleeting, transitory and personal -- then
Fantasy is an artist's tool, and you are the artist, and you are
the audience. Fantasy is a tool for personal performance art.
Like building sand castles or blowing bubbles, each performance
is different and highly personal.

Fantasy lets you control a variety of pleasing and sometimes
hypnotic images on your graphic display. As you move the mouse
the image constantly moves and responds in never-ending, never-
repeating animated sequences. Demos are included. CGA required
(does not work with Hercules). A mouse is recommended to create
your own performances.

PC-Draft II

A Shareware (pixel based) painting drafting program: PC-Draft II.
Designed for ease of use, PC-Draft's intuitive user interface
gives users a choice of pop up menus or single keystroke com-
mands. This along with complete mouse support, makes learning
easy while being unobtrusive to expert users.

PC-Draft II is most useful for producing clip art graphics for
Desktop Publishing applications. Its screen capture function lets
you grab both text and graphics screens from other programs to be
edited and enhanced. PC-Draft's drawings may be printed on dot-
matrix or laser printers for paste up. PC-Draft can export
drawings in GEM .IMG format which may be directly incorporated in
many DTP documents.

PC-draft's functions allow you to draw circles, ellipses, lines,
boxes, arcs and curves, spray paint, just paint, erase, and free
draw. You can draw bar, line and pie graphs; create and edit
fill patterns.

Other drawing aids let you: undo the last operation, set and jump
back to markers, drawing grids are displayed at any spacing, with
optional "grid-lock" (Snap), the preview function displays the
entire drawing. You can record graphic keyboard macros for later
playback and for animation effects.

PC-Draft's extensive clip art object library can be cut and
pasted into your drawings, modified and saved. Objects may be
rotated, expanded, contracted, reversed.

PC-Draft comes with a large selection of fonts that you can load
and edit.

Also included: a graphics slide show presentation language called
PIX performs all PC-Draft II commands from a script. PIX allows
you to create animated sequences of: loading screens, drawing
forms and graphs and adding text and more.

System Requirements

PC-Draft II runs on IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and "true compatible"
microcomputers with 256k of memory, MS-DOS versions 2.0 or later.
An IBM or compatible Color Graphics Display adapter is required
(works on EGA or VGA using CGA mode). PC-Draft II will not work
with monochrome displays or Hercules (will work with HGCIBM, CGA
emulation for Hercules). Printers compatible with IBM, Epson,
OkiData, C.Itoh, and IDS dot-matrix and HP LaserJet+ and HP
DeskJet are supported.

Registered user price (with full libraries and illustrated
manual): $50.00
The Shareware version is available on Compuserve (GO IBMAPP, look


when you register any Natural Software product, you're entitled
to a free subscription to Compuserve including: your own private
User ID and Password, $15 introductory usage credit, free sub-
scription to Compuserve's monthly member magazine, Online Today.
We provide online support for our products on Compuserve for your

Order Form: Send to: Natural Software
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St. Charles, IL 60174

or for VISA/MC orders: (708) 377-7320

Please send a copy of:

PC-Draft II [ ] $50

GEMCAP [ ] $20
DUMPY [ ] $20
FANTASY [ ] $20
Special! All 3 above [ ] $40



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