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OVERVIEW of Metagraphics

Founded in November of 1983, Metagraphics has
grown to become a leading supplier of graphic
software development tools for the PC
marketplace. The company's current products have
been widely acclaimed in a broad range of
professional and technical publications, and its
MetaWINDOW graphics system has been featured with
PC TECH Journal's Product of the Month award.


MetaWINDOW is an advanced, high performance
graphics development toolkit which bridges the
gap between low-level graphic primitive libraries
and prepackaged window managers. The MetaWINDOW
system provides an expanded set of graphic
display functions, plus the added functionality
and performance required for implementing
multi-window desk-top display applications.
Through its rich function set, MetaWINDOW greatly
speeds application development while also
providing device independence over a wide range
of graphic peripherals. MetaWINDOW's full typeset
style graphics interface and multi-window
management functions are now being used in a wide
range of performance demanding applications

o Desk-top Publishing

o Page Layout

o Computer aided design/drafting

o Expert banking and insurance systems

o Computer aided electrical engineering

o Medical instrumentation

o Electronic imaging

o Front-end photo typesetting systems

This package includes the MetaWINDOW DOS resident
graphics driver plus interface libraries, which
link to the application. The MetaWINDOW DOS
resident driver may be distributed on a royalty
free basis with developed applications.


MetaWINDOW/PLUS contains all the functionality of
the MetaWINDOW package, and MORE! Designed for
use by OEM application developers,
MetaWINDOW/PLUS allows additional memory and
performance optimizations, plus the capability to
tailor MetaWINDOW for access through overlays.
MetaWINDOW/PLUS also supports additional graphics
adapters and higher resolution modes.
Distribution of applications developed using
MetaWINDOW/PLUS are covered by separate license
agreements, which include consulting, maintenance
and support.

TurboWINDOW/C, TurboWINDOW/Pascal, QuickWINDOW/C

Turbo/WINDOW/C, TurboWINDOW/Pascal, and
QuickWINDOW/C are functionally equivalent to the
standard MetaWINDOW package. Each contains only
the one language binding of these most popular


FontWINDOW is a MetaWINDOW compatible font/icon
editor, plus an expanded set of bitmap font
styles. Using the font editor, developers can
interactively modify existing fonts, create
custom styles, scale bitmap fonts or convert and
modify fonts from other sources for use with
MetaWINDOW. More than 100 public domain fonts
are provided with the product.

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