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Demo of Metagraphics' MetaWINDO - for writing interactive graphic applications.
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Demo of Metagraphics’ MetaWINDO – for writing interactive graphic applications.
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Contents of the COMMENTS.DOC file

"GREAT. Your speed and flexibility is
very impressive."
Jeff Brower
Dallas, Texas

"Excellent documentation, I got much
more than I bargained for! I am more
impressed with MetaWINDOW than any other
software I have ever purchased."
Cameron Lauseng
Walled Lake, Michigan

"How can you make any money when you
charge so little for so substantial an
upgrade? We have purchased several past
version of your software and are loyal
happy fans. Keep up the good work! "
Joaquin Branco
Boston, MA

"This is an impressive product,
documentation is clear, well written
and the software is powerful and fast.
Your "no royalties" is great!"
Mark E. Davidson
Chatttanooga, TN

"The product [MetaWINDOW/Plus] looks
very good. Keep Halo worried! I
evaluated their product but I like your
attitude, the strength of your
software, and your flexible OEM
licensing agreement."
Andrew Borden
Marina Del Rey, CA

"Metagraphic's MetaWINDOW is a greatly
appreciated product! Keep up the good
Eric Bloom
Santa Monica, CA

"This library is the answer to my
prayers - reasonable price, multi
language support (in one pkg), fast,
complete. Good documentation."
Harold F Streeter
Houston, Tx

"GREAT WORK! This is a fantastic
library, good documentation."
Jim Braun
Manhattan, KS

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