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System Initialization
QueryGrafix - Determine graphics hardware configuration.
InitGrafix - Initialize the MetaWINDOW graphics system.
ScreenRect - Return the screen limits rectangle.
ScreenSize - Return the maximum screen coordinates.
SetDisplay - Set the visible graphics page.
SetBitmap - Set the writeable graphics page
RasterOp - Set the pen & text rasterOp transfer modes

Point and Line Drawing Routines
MoveTo - Move to (X,Y).
LineTo - Draw line to (X,Y).
MoveRel - Move relative (DX,DY).
LineRel - Draw line relative (DX,DY).
PolyLine - Draw connected multi-line sequence.
SetPixel - Set pixel with the current pen color.
GetPixel - Return color of pixel at (X,Y).

Rectangle Drawing Routines
FrameRect - Draw rectangle outline.
PaintRect - Fill rectangle interior.
EraseRect - Erase rectangle interior.
InvertRect - Invert rectangle interior.
FillRect - Fill rectangle with specified pattern.
ScrollRect - Scroll rectangle contents.

Rounded-Corner Rectangle Drawing Routines
FrameRoundRect - Draw rounded-rectangle outline.
PaintRoundRect - Fill rounded-rectangle interior.
EraseRoundRect - Erase rounded-rectangle interior.
InvertRoundRect - Invert rounded-rectangle interior.
FillRoundRect - Fill roundRect with specified pattern.

Circle/Ellipse/Oval Drawing Routines
FrameOval - Draw oval outline.
PaintOval - Fill oval interior.
EraseOval - Erase oval interior.
InvertOval - Invert oval interior.
FillOval - Fill oval with specified pattern.

Arc and Wedge Drawing Routines
FrameArc - Draw arc outline.
PaintArc - Fill arc interior.
EraseArc - Erase arc interior.
InvertArc - Invert arc interior.
FillArc - Fill arc with specified pattern.

Polygon Drawing Routines
FramePoly - Draw polygon outline.
PaintPoly - Fill polygon interior(s).
ErasePoly - Erase polygon interior(s).
InvertPoly - Invert polygon interior(s).
FillPoly - Fill polygon(s) with specified pattern.

Text Drawing Procedures
DrawChar - Draw character.
DrawString - Draw string.
DrawText - Draw text substring.
WriteGr - Draw string.
TextLimits - Return justification spacing.
CharWidth - Return character width.
StringWidth - Return string width.
TextWidth - Return text substring width.
LengthGr - Return centered string half-length.

Font Attribute Functions
SystemFont - Load system font.
LoadFont - Load custom user font.
SetFont - Make font the "current" drawing font.
TextFace - Set font facing (bold, italic, underline,...).
TextMode - Set text rasterOp transfer mode.
TextUnder - Set text underline distance.
TextScore - Set text underline scoring.
TextPath - Set text path angle.
TextAlign - Set text horizontal/vertical alignment.
TextExtra - Set character justification spacing.
TextSpace - Set space justification spacing.
TextAngle - Set text rotation angle.
TextSize - Set text size.
TextSlant - Set text slant angle.

Image Drawing Routines
ImageSize - Calculate image buffer requirements.
ReadImage - Read bitmap image into buffer.
WriteImage - Write image buffer to bitmap.
XlateImage - Translate bit image format.

Marker Drawing Routines
MarkerType - Set marker style.
MarkerSize - Set marker size.
MarkerAngle - Set marker angle.
PolyMarker - Draw marker(s).

Graphic Inquiries
QueryPosn - Return current (X,Y) position.
QueryX - Return current X position.
QueryY - Return current Y position.
QueryRes - Return pixel resolution (X & Y pixels/inch).
QueryError - Return MetaWINDOW error status.

Pen Attribute Functions
PenColor - Set pen color.
PenSize - Set pen diameters (circular width & height).
PenMode - Set pen rasterOp transfer mode.
PenPattern - Set pen pattern.
PenCap - Set line end-cap style (flat/square/round).
PenJoin - Set connected line join style (round/bevel/miter).
MiterLimit - Set mitered-join limit angle.
PenDash - Set dashed line style.
PenOffset - Set centered dash offset.
PenNormal - Reset to default pen attributes.
HidePen - Disable drawing operations.
ShowPen - Enable drawing operations.
GetPenState - Save current pen attributes.
SetPenState - Restore pen attributes.

Background Style
BackPattern - Set background pattern.
BackColor - Set background color.

Custom Styles and Patterns
DefinePattern - Define custom user pattern.
AlignPattern - Set pattern alignment.

Color Graphics
QueryColors - Return maximum display colors.
SetPalette - Select color palette.
LoadPalette - Load color palette.
BorderColor - Set border color.

Operations with Bitmaps
InitBitmap - Initialize a custom display or virtual bitmap.
CopyBits - BitBlt transfer bit images.
ZoomBits - ZoomBlt transfer bit images.
CursorBitmap - Set cursor tracking bitmap.
GblGetPixel - Return pixel color (global X,Y).
GblSetPixel - Set pixel (global X,Y) with current pen color.

Operations with Ports & Windows
InitPort - Initialize a new port (window).
GetPort - Return pointer to the "current" port.
SetPort - Make specified port the "current" port.
PortSize - Set the port size.
MovePortTo - Set the port location.
SetOrigin - Set the local port coordinate origin.
PortOrigin - Set the origin orientation (upperleft/lowerleft).
PortBitmap - Set the bitmap for the current port.
VirtualRect - Set the port's virtual coordinate limits.
SetLocal - Set port to local coordinates.
SetVirtual - Set port to virtual coordinates.
ClipRect - Set the port clipping rectangle.

Calculations with Points
SetPt - Copy X,Y to a point variable.
DupPt - Copy a point variable to another point variable.
AddPt - Add two point variables.
SubPt - Subtract two point variables.
EqualPt - Return true if two points are equal.
ScalePt - Scale a point variable.
MapPt - Translate and scale a point variable.
OvalPt - Return the point on oval at a specified angle.
PtToAngle - Return angle from oval center to a point.

Calculations with Rectangles
SetRect - Copy coordinates to a rectangle variable.
DupRect - Copy a rect variable to another rect variable.
Pt2Rect - Copy diagonal points to a rectangle variable.
CenterRect - Calculate a centered rectangle variable.
OffsetRect - Offset a rectangle variable.
InsetRect - Inset or outset a rectangle variable.
InceptRect - Return intersect rect of two rectangles.
UnionRect - Return union rect of two rectangles.
EqualRect - Return true if two rectangles are equal.
ShiftRect - Return voided rect(s) of a shifted rect move.
MapRect - Translate and scale a rectangle variable.

Calculations with Polygons
OffsetPoly - Offset polygon coordinates.
MapPoly - Translate and scale polygon coordinates.

Coordinate Transformations
Gbl2LclPt - Transform point, global to local.
Gbl2VirPt - Transform point, global to virtual.
Lcl2GblPt - Transform point, local to global.
Lcl2VirPt - Transform point, local to virtual.
Vir2GblPt - Transform point, virtual to global.
Vir2LclPt - Transform point, virtual to local.
Gbl2LclRect - Transform rectangle, global to local.
Gbl2VirRect - Transform rectangle, global to virtual.
Lcl2GblRect - Transform rectangle, local to global.
Lcl2VirRect - Transform rectangle, local to virtual.
Vir2GblRect - Transform rectangle, virtual to global.
Vir2LclRect - Transform rectangle, virtual to local.

Point "In" Object Operations
XYInRect - Return true if (X,Y) is inside rectangle.
PtInRect - Return true if point is inside rectangle.
PtInOval - Return true if point is inside oval.
PtInArc - Return true if point is inside arc.
PtInRoundRect - Return true if point is inside roundRect.
PtInPoly - Return true if point is inside polygon.

Point "On" Object Operations
PtOnLine - Return true if point is on line.
PtOnRect - Determine if point is outside, on or inside of rect.
PtOnOval - Determine if point is outside, on or inside of oval.
PtOnArc - Determine if point is outside, on or inside of arc.
PtOnRoundRect - Determine if point is out, on or inside roundRect.

Mouse Tracking
QueryComm - Locate graphics input devices.
InitMouse - Initialize mouse tracking.
ReadMouse - Read mouse position and buttons.
LimitMouse - Set mouse tracking limits.
ScaleMouse - Set mouse tracking scaling.
StopMouse - Terminate mouse tracking.

Mouse/Timer Interrupt Processing
UserMouse - Enable user defined mouse interrupt service routine.
UserTimer - Enable user defined timer interrupt service routine.
StopTimer - Disable timer processing.

Cursor Tracking Procedures
ShowCursor - Display screen cursor.
HideCursor - Remove screen cursor.
MoveCursor - Move cursor to X,Y.
CursorStyle - Set the cursor appearance.
TrackCursor - Enable asynchronous (auto) cursor tracking.
ProtectRect - Define cursor protected area.
ProtectOff - Disable cursor protected areas.
QueryCursor - Return cursor position and buttons.
CursorMap - Define mouse button/cursor style mapping.
DefineCursor - Define custom cursor style.

Event Queue Processing Procedures
EventQueue - Enable event queue processing.
StopEvent - Terminate event queue processing.

KeyEvent - Retrieve next queued event.
PeekEvent - Examine queued events.
StoreEvent - Store a program generated event.

File I/O Procedures
FileQuery - Retrieve file directory info.
FileLoad - Load a (font) file into memory.
FileStore - Write a file from memory.
FileAttr - Set file attributes.
FileDelete - Delete a file.
FileRename - Rename a file.

System Utilities
GetCmdLine - Return the command line string.
PushGrafix - Push the graphics state.
PopGrafix - Pop the graphics state.
ClearText - Clear the text page.
PortField - Return specified port field value.
BMapField - Return specified bitmap field value.
FontField - Return specified font field value.
ClrInt - Disable interrupts.