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Shareware Version 1.0 of MergeIt

The following files should be included on this disk. All text files are
pure ascii files, i.e. there are no printer control characters such as
form feeds,etc.
I suggest you first print out MergeIt.Doc. Before doing the tutorial,
you'll need to print out Tutor.Txt. (It would also be helpful to at least look
at the PCX image sections EschrB1.PCX and EschrB2.PCX in an image viewing
or painting program). In the tutorial, you will merge these hand scanned image
sections together. The line drawings in Frame.Doc will not directly print
correctly, read this file on your monitor first.
To get started, copy all these files to one directory, excluding the 3 graphic
help files and graphic driver not appropriate to your video system (i.e. if
you have hercules, don't copy the help files with extension ".EGA" or the
driver file "EgaVga.BGI", otherwise don't copy help files with extension
".HRC" or driver "Herc.BGI").

MergeIt.Doc Text files of documentation on MergeIt
Frame.Doc and on making and using a scanning frame

Tutor.Txt A tutorial text file to use with MergeIt and the sample
PCX files.

MergeIt.Exe Executable hand scanned image merging program.

EgaVga.BGI, Required graphic driver files for ega/vga and
Herc.BGI hercules video systems.

UnRotHlp.* Graphic help files to display when doing user trimming.
RotTpHlp.* To use, these must be in the same directory as
RotBtHlp.* MergeIt.Exe. * may be hrc or ega.

EschrB1.PCX Sample image files and initial values file to use
EschrB2.PCX in MergeIt tutorial.

Register.Txt Information on registering MergeIt and how to contact

For more information about MergeIt: Dennis DiBart
747 Elm St.
El Cerrito, CA 94530