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Filename : MAZE.SCN

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Turbo-C - Copyright (c) 1987 Borland Intl.®
Divide error®
Abnormal program termination®
Floating point error: ®
Singularity (or div by zero).®
Total loss of precision.®
Partial loss of precision.®
printf : floating point formats not linked®
scanf : floating point formats not linked®

Usage is MAZE x ®

where x = E for wide carriage LQ Epson®
e for narrow carriage LQ Epson®
P for wide carriage Draft IBM Proprinter®
p for narrow carriage Draft IBM Proprinter (the default)®

- Thomas G. Ore's SuperMaze 1988 Version 2.1 -®
Failed to allocate memory.®
Restart with smaller maze.®

F1-Auto F2-Shift F3-New F4-Print F5-End®

Hit any key to return to manual solve...®
Hit any key to start...®

2.1 Version updates by J.L.Wargula®
Enter Maze H to list printer options®
Use arrows to shift, then hit space bar ®
1 - Variable small mazes ®
2 - Full screen maze ®
3 - Variable large mazes ®
4 - User specified mazes ®
5 - Exit to DOS ®
Enter maze size (rows cols): ®