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Version 1.9

- The location and name for CTL3DV2.DLL (or CTL3D32.DLL for
32-bit versions of LView Pro) is now configurable in the
[Options] section of the LVIEWP.INI file. See the new help
topic "Installation and Troubleshooting"

- Loading and exiting the software is faster

- When minimized, LView Pro will optionally exhibit a thumbnail
of the current image instead of its icon. Use Options/Interface
to enable/disable this feature by checking/unchecking the
"Show thumbnails on icon" option

- Some requirements imposed for recognizing valid PCX files were

- Bug fixes

. Certain PCX files were not being correctly decoded, even when
recognized as valid PCX files

. When saving an image in JPEG format, LView Pro would not
catch an insufficient disk space error

Version 1.8

- New image file formats:

. Aldus' Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) 6.0

reads 1, 4, 8 and 24-bit/pixel images, in strip or
tile format, uncompressed or compressed with LZW,
PackBits, Next compression or Thunderscan

writes 1, 4, 8 and 24-bit/pixel images, always in
strip format, either uncompressed or with LZW

. ZSoft's PCX:

reads all versions, 1, 4, 8 and 24-bits per pixel
writes PCX version 3.0

. Jef Poskanzer's PBMPLUS:

reads PBM, PGM and PPM formats, in ascii or RAWBITS
writes PPM RAWBITS format

- Changed "3D" painting style for dialogs windows and

- Option "All Files (*.*)" added to File/Open dialog

- Bug fixes

. File/Multiple Open would not enable the "OK" button
after loading a list of files from a text file

. Depending on the font size, the Options/Quantizing
and Retouch/Color Depth dialogs would not allow a
custom number of colors with more than two digits
to be entered

. File/Open would exhibit a error message under some
conditions "(Undocumented error 3002")

. Edit/Rotate when applied to detached selection areas
would sometimes fail to update pieces of the image
underneath the area

Version 1.7

- New help topics: "Performance Comparisons" and
"Win32s, What is it?"

- The Palette Entry dialog (Options/Background color,
Retouch/Palette entry) now exhibits the index of the
currently selected palette entry, as well as the RGB
component values for that entry

- The Palette Entry dialog (Options/Background color,
Retouch/Palette entry) may optionally mask out pixels
that don't match the current selection. These pixels
may be painted in black or white

- LView Pro now saves GIF files in both GIF87a and GIF89a

- When saving/loading GIF files LView Pro saves/loads their
associated background colors (selected with Options/
Background Color)

- When saving GIF files in GIF89a format, the current
background color is also saved as the transparent color

- LView Pro's File/Open, File/Save as and File/Multiple open
dialogs now "remember" the last file extension chosen

- Bug fixes

. A small subset of TRUE color BMP files were not being
read correctly

. Attempting to read some types of TARGA files would cause

Version 1.6

- Windows 3.1 can now run multiple instances of LView Pro.
Version 1.5 limited execution to a single instance of the

- Bug fixes

. Fixed a display problem that caused GPFs when using certain
graphics cards/drivers

Version 1.5

- New features/commands added to the File/Multiple Open dialog

. Color preview of files in both listboxes:

. Optionally, previews JPEG files in grayscale, for added speed

. Previewing can be turned on/off

. Double clicking on a file at the left list box will add it
to the list box on the right

. Double clicking on a file at the right list box will
remove it from that box

- Retouch/Image Filters is now also available for Palette
based images

- New dialog Options/Macro retouch (or CONTROL+'M')

. Allows the definition of "macro retouch operations",
selection and optional execution of the current macro

. Macro retouch operations may execute up to 8 individual
retouch operations (from the Retouch menu) in sequence. The
currently selected macro retouch operation may be executed
from within the Options/Macro retouch dialog, or by using
the CONTROL+'K' accelerator

. Individual retouch operations in a macro retouch definition
are parametrized using integer values corresponding to those
in the scrollbar(s) shown in their own dialogs. For instance,
a Macro retouch may define the execution of the Retouch/Color
balance operation, with parameters: 20, -10, 0, to increase
Red by 20, decrease Green by 10 and keep Blue unchanged

. Macro retouch operations are usefull when editing a sequence
of images which share the same characteristics (all are too
dark, or too bright, or need contrast enhancement, etc.).
After editing the first image in the sequence, the user may
set a Macro retouch operation to perform the same editing
operations in the subsequent images, and execute that with
a single keystroke

. Undoing a Macro retouch operation will undo all operations
performed by it

- Legends added to ToolBar buttons

. Position the mouse pointer over an enabled ToolBar button
for a short while, and a text legend will be displayed to
explain the function of that button

. New interface option at Options/Interface: "Show ToolBar
legends", allows the user to enable/disable ToolBar legend
automatic display. The default is enabled (checked)

- Edit/Resize now has scrollbars to allow for aspect ratio

- Bug fixes

. Edit/Redimension would ignore the new height when a new width
was specified (and vice-versa)

Version 1.4

- Overall improvement in performance for JPEG decompression

- Options/JPEG I/O dialog

. Added "1-pass Quantizing" option
. Added "Fast dithering" option

- Bug fixes

. Printing would not be done in Landscape orientation

Version 1.3

- Bug fixes

. Printing would sometimes fail to center/size images
. A subset of GIF files were not being recognized
. Edit/Redimension would reduce new dimensions by 1 pixel
. Edit/Paste would not work for 16 color bitmaps
. Scrolling presented problems in some display drivers

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Archive   : LVIEWP19.ZIP
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