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Lumen V1.0

One day I decided to write a program to give my computer something
to work at during it's free time and do something colorful with
it's VGA display. My first thought was to write a program that
created 3D patterns and colored them using the VGA's 256 color
mode. Getting a program to draw in 2D was simple, modifying it to
work intelligently in 3D began to get not so simple. It was then
that I hit upon the idea of reversing the problem, which resulted
in a very simple solution. Instead of having the program create
3D perspectives then painting them in, I simply made Lumen draw 2D
perspectives, but use 3D paint! Lumen just draws squares one
inside (or outside) the other, the color it uses for each square
comes from a palette with the 3D shading already built in, so the
shapes it creates take on a dramatic 3D appearance. To see it's
palette just start Lumen with "LUMEN /P". Lumen is a good example
of the principal of shading verses resolution. While lumen
actually draws in very low 320 X 200 resolution, it's shading makes
the image appear to be very high resolution. Your color TV which
is also a low resolution device is another example of the shading

You may distribute Lumen freely for private use. For commercial
use contact me. You may not charge a fee for this program. If you
have any suggestions or examples of VGA "show off's" please contact
me at the address below. All the Best...

Terry Dorff
1202 Sheyenne Street
West Fargo, ND 58078

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