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USAGE instructions for the VGA viewer
(C) 4/1992 by Hubertus Kehl


This distribution is an additional source based on the JPEG sources of the
Independent JPEG Group. An viewer for VGA-cards has been implemented (jview)
and some changes in jdmain have been made, to implement a new switch -v mode
for the viewer.
You can reconstruct my changes on the jpegsrc.v3 if you patch the
diff-file over these sources.
I don't distribute sources of Independent JPEG Group only my changes on it.
Permission for use of this software is only granted, if you use it at
your own risk. No warranty at all for damaged soft and hardware (monitors
tortured with wrong hires modes etc.)
(see also README.VIW and README)
This software has only been tested on a TSENG 3000 card. A file to configure
the videomodes has been provided. But if this helps to get the viewer work on
your card, i don't know. Some changes may be necessary in jview.c (setvideomode
or putrow etc.) The viewer can only be compiled with TURBO C or Borland C
because it makes heavy use of the compiler's inline assembler and memory lib
functions. Use Makefile.bcc for this.
The viewer itself is very fast. The viewer takes only about 1% of the whole
run-time of program. (Measured with a profiler). On a "normal" color image
the quantization takes about 40-50 % and the decompression the rest. For faster
viewing try -g or -1 to avoid the good looking, but slow 2-pass quantization.


djpeg [switches] jpegfile imagefile

and for the viewer:

djpeg [switches] jpegfile


A parameter for the viewer has been added:

-v mode Output a jpeg file to screen using the given videomode.
Mode corresponds to the videomodes defined in the vgamode.cfg file.
The first entry there, is mode 1. Viewing has only been tested
on a TSENG 3000, for over cards you may need some modification in
the sources in setvideomode, putrow or setpal.
All options of djpeg are supported. Most times you can use -g
(grayscale) for faster viewing, because of avoiding color
(viewing implies -q, with default of 256 colors).
You have only to specify one inputfile and no outputfile.

Send bugs, patches, additional config files etc. to
[email protected]

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Archive   : JPEGVIEW.ZIP
Filename : USAGE.VIW

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