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Camera and production personnel in the offset lithography field must often
re-size photographs to fit designated 'windows' on art boards. The tools
available for this task have proven unsatisfactory. The traditional
proportion wheel allows using the familiar inch-and-fraction system, but is
awkward and prone to error. Handheld calculators are convenient and
accurate, but require converting fractions to decimal or using picas instead
of inches. There is a real need for a system that permits working with
inches and fractions, with direct entry of fractions, that gives rounded off
percentage reduction and enlargement, and that automatically checks the other
dimension of the halftone for size. These very features characterize this

This version of the program permits fractional and decimal input. Enter
fractions in the form A B/C, where A, B, and C are whole numbers and there is
a space or two between the number and the fractional part. Examples of valid
fraction inputs are: 3 7/8, 14 13/32, 17/64. Decimals may be entered as
usual, such as 3.25, 11.063, .125, and so forth. Entering just whole numbers
is also allowed. Mixing fractions and decimals within any single entry will
give a false result, for example 17 1.5/16. Using fractions and decimals on
alternate entries is permitted, however. Example: enter 1.5 on 'original
size' and 7/16 on 'final size'.

As the program begins you are given the option of activating the feature that
automatically calculates what the other side of the HT will go to at the
calculated reduction or enlargement. This is especially useful if the HT
must trap to rules or fit an exact size window. Note that this calculation
is 'automatically' rounded DOWN to the nearest fractional part as a safety

The program terminates when you indicate that you have no more HT's to scale.


This is the second version of the program. The input and display have been
improved considerably from the preliminary version. There is no doubt still
room for improvement, and I will consider upgrading the program if there is
demand for it.

Try out the program, and if it saves you time and money in your business or
application, please send me a small (suggested $3.00) contribution. I need
the money to buy more computer books.

Send suggestions, praise, and brickbats to:
Mendel Cooper
3138 Foster Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224.

The program was developed with the Mix C compiler (old version). Even though
I checked for errors, I can take no responsibility for any incidental
damages caused by its use.

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