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Graytobw is a conversion utility used to resize a black
and white image so that Ventura Publisher will import
it correctly, convert a color image to a dithered black
and white image suitable for use with desktop
publishing packages, or convert an image to an
uncompressed format.

The current options are as follows:

B Bayer
BG Bayer using gray pallete
BU Bayer Uncorrected
BUG Bayer Uncorrected using gray pallete
S Spiral
SG Spiral using gray pallete
SU Spiral Uncorrected
SUG Spiral Uncorrected using gray pallete
T Text or Line Art - used to "clean up" a scanned in text
file. Converts using no dither patterns.
Fills in "spotty" text and deletes
miscellaneous pixels.
U Uncompressed - This is simply a binary data
file, NOT a BLOAD format.
C Color - resizes color images, leaving them in
blank Leave the dither pattern blank to resize a
black and white image leaving it in black
and white.

The uncorrected patterns tend to give a darker output
than the "corrected" patterns.

There are no set guidelines on which dither pattern
should be used on a paticular image. The output varies
from image to image. Simply run the conversion until
you get the desired output.

Graytobw can be run from a command line. The syntax is
as follows:

Graytobw [input filename] [output filename] [dither

If you have any questions, or suggestions for other
output possibilities, call our Technical Support
Department at (404) 980-1950, Monday - Friday, 10 am -
6 pm eastern time.