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February 13, 1993

Dear Users:

Hello and welcome to my software. I hope you will enjoy using GRABBER
as much as I enjoy creating it, and that you will register your use if you
find the program meets your needs.

If you are passing this release of GRABBER along to a friend, or if you
are posting it on an electronic bulletin board, I have a couple of special

First, if you are uploading this release of GRABBER to a bulletin board,
please use the upload filename "GRABB395.ZIP" or "GRABB395.ARC", as the
case may be. The "395" in the filename reflects the version number of this
release of the program. If everyone sticks to this convention, it makes it
easier for everybody on the BBS's to identify a later version from an
earlier one, just by looking at the filename.

Second, please make sure that the GRABBER package you share via bulletin
board or diskette contains all of the following 19 files, which together
constitute the complete Version 3.95 release:

* README.1ST the message you are reading now
* INFO.BAT prints out the program documentation
* GRABBER.EXE the main screen capture program module
* GR4AI.EXE an alternative version of GRABBER designed
especially for capturing 8514/A graphics
* GRTXT.EXE an alternative version of GRABBER designed
especially for capturing ASCII text screens

* GRABBER.DOC the main documentation file in ASCII format
* GR4AI.DOC supplemental documentation for GR4AI.EXE
* GRTXT.DOC supplemental documentation for GRTXT.EXE

* GR2PCX.EXE converts captured text & graphics images to .PCX
* GR2GIF.EXE converts captured graphics images to .GIF
* GRAI2PCX.EXE converts captured 8514/A graphics images to .PCX
* GRAI2GIF.EXE converts captured 8514/A graphics images to .GIF
* GR2ASCII.EXE converts captured text images to plain ASCII
* GR2ANSI.EXE converts captured text images to ANSI graphics
* CONVERT.DOC documentation for the six conversion utilities

* GREDIT.EXE color text editor for captured text images
* GREDIT.DOC documentation for GREDIT.EXE

* CHKVBE.EXE VESA BIOS compatibility test for Super-VGA systems

* ORDER.FRM order form you can use to register your copy of
GRABBER & obtain the latest registered release

Thank you for your interest in GRABBER. Enjoy!


Jerry Monroe