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Archive   : GIFLT200.ZIP

Output of file : REGISTER.TXT contained in archive : GIFLT200.ZIP

GIFLITE is NOT FREE. You MUST REGISTER after the 15-day
evaluation time period.

GIFLITE is a Shareware product. It is distributed through
public access channels so that perspective buyers can have the
opportunity to evaluate the product before making a decision
to buy. If you decide to use this software, then you are under
both legal and moral obligation to register it with the
author. But if you decide not to use it after evaluating the
software, you are under no obligation. It is fully protected
by State, Federal and International copyright laws.

If you continue to use GIFLITE after the 15-day evaluation
time period you must register it.

Registration Fee : $ 30.0 US
or $ 35.0 CAD

To register your copy of GIFLITE, fill in the order form and
mail along with a cheque or money order of US$30 / CAD$35
payable to "White River Software" in US or CAD

White River Software
P.O.Box 73031
Limeridge Mall Postal Outlet
Hamilton, Ont. L9A 5H7

CompuServe users can register GIFLITE through the Shareware
registration service. GO SWREG and search for GIFLITE.

When you register, you will receive the program diskette of
the latest version and your registration number. Registration
entitles you continue using the current version and all future
versions. The registration number will remove any limitation
functions in the unregistered version of the current and the
FUTURE releases.


The evaluation version or the unregistered version distributed
through the Shareware channel has the following limitation:

1. The maximum resolution of an input GIF file is 640x480.
2. The -f option (Filter out the GIFLITE header) is not
3. The -h option (Do not insert GIFLITE header to output
file) is not available.

The limitation is removed in the registered version.

====== GIFLITE 2.00 =========================== Order Form ======

Please send cheque or money order made payable to "White River
Software", overseas order in money order, please. (Note that the
current postage from US to Canada is $0.40.)

White River Software
P.O.Box 73031
Limeridge Mall Postal Outlet
Hamilton, Ont. L9A 5H7
Qty. Item US/CAD Amount

___ GIFLITE Registration @ $30/$35 $________
(with latest version and document on disk, and the
registration number to remove any limitation functions)

___ Telemate Registration @ $49/$55 $________
(Full feature integrated communication program,
simply the best in the market)

___ GIFLink Registration @ $30/$35 $________
(Look! A X/Y/Zmodem/QuickB external protocol driver that
displays transmitting GIF images in SuperVGA 256 colors!)

Less $10 discount if you order any two or
$20 discount if you order all three $(______)

Shipping and handling outside US and Canada @ $4 $________

Subtotal $________

Ontario resident please add Prov. Sales Tax (8%) $________

Canadian resident please add Goods & Services Tax (7%) $________

Total US$________/CAD$________

Disk size: [ ] 5.25 [ ] 3.5 (Please check one)

Name ________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________


Country _____________________ Phone (______) _________________

Where did you first hear about GIFLITE ?_________________________

Comments ________________________________________________________


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Archive   : GIFLT200.ZIP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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