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GIFLITE v2.00 5 January 1993

Images compressed by GIFLITE fully conform to the GIF specification and
pass the GIF validation check from CompuServe. All standard GIF
viewer/decoder should be able to read the compressed images. Otherwise,
it suggests that the GIF decoder does not fully conform to the GIF
specification and you should inform the author of that GIF decoder for
an updated or bug-fixed version of their software.

What's New

. Change the GIF header from GIF87a to GIF89a if the GIFLITE header is
added. This conforms to the GIF89a standard. If the '-h' (no GIFLITE
header) option is used, the GIF header remains unchanged.

. The '-f' (filter out GIFLITE header) option will convert the image
back to GIF87a if the filtered image does not contain any GIF89a
extension block.

. The '-9' (replace GIF87a with GIF89a) option is removed.

. Increase VESA compatibility.

. Add support for Acumos chip set.

. Fix a compression problem when the resolution of the original GIF is
between 360x480.

. Fix a backup problem if a backup file already exists.

. A program called TO89a.EXE is included. This program will convert all
GIF87a images with the GIFLITE header to GIF89a format so that the
images can pass the GIF89a validation check.

GIFLITE v1.51 17 April 1992

. Remove the text-mode only restriction when running GIFLITE in
Desqview. The -t option should be specified when needed.

GIFLITE v1.50 30 March 1992

. Add -@ExcludeListFile option which excludes files specified in
ExcludeListFile. The usage log file GIFLITE.USE can be used as the
exclude list file.

. Add method 0 (-m0) which inserts the GIFLITE header but does not
compress the image. It can be used to prevent the image to be

. The GIFLITE header is now always inserted unless the -h option is
specified. Some pictures may result in a slightly larger files (about
20 bytes larger).

. 43/50-line screen can now be restored.

GIFLITE v1.41 15 September 1991

. Fix a problem that cause out of memory when attempting to compress
many already compressed files.

. Check for Read-only file.

GIFLITE v1.40 1 August 1991

. DOS 5 compatibile. Earlier version is compressed by PKLITE v1.03 which
may cause some problem when loading below the first 64K segment.

. Windows and Desqview aware. When running in Windows 386 Enhanced mode
or Desqview, GIFLITE will use text mode only.

. Add support for Trident 8900, AheadA, AheadB chip set and VESA
compatible VGA.

GIFLITE v1.31 25 June 1991

. Fix a problem caused by the compiler which may hangup the machine when
compress multiple files. This problem may be machine specific.

. During compression, the scan line is now displayed in color 127
instead of the background color 0. This should provide better

GIFLITE v1.30 15 June 1991

. Add -f option which filter out the GIFLITE header quickly. This option
is available in the registered version only.

. Remove incomplete output file when compressing an already compressed

GIFLITE v1.22 6 June 1991

. Fix a bug in v1.21 that some files of a wildcard may not be compressed
if no output path is specified.

. It should be capable of compressing upto 4000 to 5000 GIF files in one
command line using Wildcard or @ListFile.

GIFLITE v1.21 1 June 1991

Advised by CompuServe Graphics Forum Stuff, in order for CompuServe to
accept GIFLITE processed GIF files, the '-9' option is added. GIFLITE is
available in CompuServe as GIFLTE.ZIP in PICS Forum Decoders & Encoders

. -9 option which replace GIF87a header with GIF89a header.

. Disable 640x400 resolution on screen display for Tseng 4000 chipset
due to incompatible problem with some video cards.

. Able to accept wildcard file name of large volume of files without
running out of memory.

. Remove incomplete output file when the unregistered version attempts
to compress image larger than 640x480.

GIFLITE v1.10 29 May 1991

. Support the use of a list file, for example @giflite.lst, in the
command line. A list file contains a list of the GIF files to be
compressed. This option is used when the GIF files cannot be expressed
as a wildcard easily. The names in the list file are separated by a
space or a carriage return and the names can contain wildcard

. SET GIFLITE= Environment variable

To help locating the files GIFLITE.EXE and GIFLITE.USE, you should put
the environment variable into the AUTOEXEC.BAT, for example,


If you are using DOS 2.2 to 3.0, it indicates the directory where
GIFLITE.EXE is in and where GIFLITE.USE should be in. If you are using
DOS 3.1 or higher, it indicates where the GIFLITE.USE should be in.

This environment variable tells GIFLITE to put the usage log into a
single GIFLITE.USE even if you are compress the GIF files in different
directory. If the variable is not present and you are using DOS 3.1 or
higher, the usage log will be put into the same directory as the

GIFLITE v1.00 18 May 1991

This is the first public release.

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