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±± ±±
±± G I F L I S T V 1.1 ±±
±± ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ±±
±± ±±
±± Copyright (c) - 1992 ±±
±± - by Bob Lavine - ±±
±± ±±
±± ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ±±
±± ±±

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Giflist version 1.1 is a simple, easy to use program for creating
a catalog of your GIF files to view or print. Popup help and
mouse are supported. I tried the couple of GIF catalog programs
out here in shareware land and found them lacking in a few resp-
ects. So... here we are. Ta-Da ... 'GIFLIST'

If you collect many picture files, you know what it's like to
download a file only to find out later that you already have it
on one of your disks, but didn't remember the name. In steps
'GIFLIST'. You can print out to your printer a 4 column listing
of filename, size in thousands (k), and volume (diskname). One
page holds 200 files all in alphabetical order. The number of
files you may catalog is only limited by your disk space.


Ok ... Here's the pitch. Let's keep it simple - If you like and
use this program then send the author, that's me, $20 or whatever
you can afford. That's right, I said 'whatever you can afford!'.
You don't hear that one very often now do you? My wife and I are
raising 4 kids and I know how rough it is at times to be able to
buy groceries, let alone put out extra $$$ for a program. I want
you to be able to register this program and send me your comments
as this is the only way I have of knowing what you would like to
see happen to GIFLIST. And only with a registration fee can I
continue to spend the time and money to update GIFLIST along with
the other programs I'm writing. So ... Register GIFLIST today!
Print out the REGISTER.FRM file and fill it in along with your
comments. Use a separate sheet or two if necessary. Thanks ...

Packing List:


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Installation Requirements:

IBM or IBM compatible with 512k of memory, 2 disk drives, DOS3.0
or higher. A hard drive is recommended. Simply place all the
files above with the exception of COMMENT.DOC, GIFLIST.DOC, &
REGISTER.FRM in a separate directory or subdirectory on a hard
disk or place these files on a floppy. Do not rename any files
as the program uses these. That's all there is to it ... Type
'GIFLIST' ... You're up and running. You will notice at
the bottom of your screen ... Vol # 0 Files # 0 Bytes # 0 M
... also the day, date, & time. Now you must select Catalog GIF
Disk or Setup Utilities from the main menu as you do not have a
catalog file as yet. GIFLIST will create the file GIF.CAT on
your disk with all the other program files.

Hints, Tips, Help, & Mouse:

By pressing anywhere in the program will bring up a help
screen. Neat, huh. Generally, pressing the key backs to
last operation or last menu. If you are blessed with a mouse,
then pressing the right mouse button acts like the key. The
left mouse button acts like the key. The key moves
selector forward and + Backwards. You may use the
arrow keys to move selector in a vertical direction. That's up
and down. Most selector buttons have a 'hot key', usually that's
the first letter in the selector. By pressing the key and
letter key at the same time selects that function. The people
with a mouse know how easy it is to point and shoot.

The first thing I recommend is that you select item # 5 from the
main menu. That's the Setup Utilities selection. From here you
may enter the default drive that you will want the program to
read your picture file disks from. The default in the config-
uration file is B: (as I have the program files in C:\graphics\
giflist subdirectory) and drive B: is my 3« 1.44mb drive, which
is where I read all of my 700+ GIF files that are on floppy disks
as they take up too much space on my hard drive. If B: is not
the drive that you use for your picture files then change it by
typing in the drive letter, colon (:), (then if in a subdirect-
ory) backslash (\) and the subdirectory's name, then make sure to
place another backslash (\). The program inserts the *.filetype
(*.GIF) to look for.

The next thing to do is check out the default printer codes for
normal 10 point (80 columns), elite 12 point (96 columns), and
condensed 17 point (137 columns). If the code is different then
those shown, then change them to your printer's code. Make sure
to leave a space between each 2 decimals. ie: 27 80 or
15. Where only one code is necessary.

Page 3

Ok, Ok ... Only the GIF picture extension is available in the
shareware version. And what you say ... No comments. Well,
that's all taken care of in the registered version. GIF is the
most widely use format. I could have placed BMP or some other
not widely used format there, however, as GIF files can be gotten
from most any BBS, (Thank You CompuServe) these have become coll-
ector items.

Now that we are done playing with the setup menu ... Select To CFG>. Use or + or use your mouse and then press
or left mouse button. Ta Da ... You now have a new .CFG
file saved and every time you start up the program, GIFLIST will
read the defaults from this configuration file. There ... That
wasn't hard, was it?

Really the program is quite easy to operate ... If you are not
sure what you want to do just press for help at any time.

Author / Programer:

Bob Lavine
7505 Fragancia Court
Tampa, FL 33615-2418
Phone (813) 887-3648 - No collect calls ... Please!

I can also be contacted via DELPHI BBS - Leave mail to:
Username: RLAVINE (The 'R' stands for Robert)

Please feel free to pass this shareware program along to your
friends, enemies and other BBS's as long as ALL programs are
included and not changed in any way. Thanks .......

Legal Jumbo:

This program was created in part with:
ProWindows(tm) Software Development System
Copyright 1988-1991 DSE Software Publishing

CompuServe Incorporated, an H&R Block Company

That's All Folks:

*** See REGISTER.FRM and COMMENT.DOC for more information ***

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