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GIF2PCX by Robert Voit
Version 1.3

GIF2PCX is a file converter. It will convert your favorite gif files to
pcx files.

This file converter will convert the entire gif picture. If the original
gif picture size is 900 by 900, then that will be the resulting pcx picture

ZSOFT Version 5 PCX File Format:
The resulting pcx file format will be version 5. Version 5 allows for a
256 color pallete. Some viewers will see this as the number of unique colors
within the picture. This is not correct. There is room for 256 colors, but
the pcx file will only contain the pallete information of the origanal gif

This program may be run from the dos prompt by typing:

If you use Windows, you may run this program in a window.

The painting program for Windows will not allow for gif files to be used.
This program will convert those files to the pcx format so that you may use
them with your windows painting program.

I have included the PIF file that I use. You will need to alter it if
your directories do not match mine. I have the GIF2PCX.exe file and all my
gif files in a directory -
thus, this is the way this PIF file is setup.

This program will run in its' own window so that you may do other things
while it is converting a file for you.

When the program is started, you will be at the file selection process screen.
All filenames will be in small letters. All directory names will be in capital
All of the avialable files that may be converted will be displayed. Using the
cursor keys, move to the file that you would like to convert then press ENTER.
You may also move around the disk's directory structure by moving to a
directory name an pressing ENTER.

You may select a different disk drive by pressing the F1 key, and making a
selection. I would suggest that you do not select a floppy drive, there is
a good chance that you will not have enough room on the floopy disk to do the

After a GIF file is converted, you will be back to the file selection process.
Continue selecting GIF files to convert until you are done.
Press Esc to exit the program.

Why GIF2PCX is not converting a picture correctly.

Some users of GIF2PCX have reported that GIF2PCX is altering the color
information of the picture. After viewing the picture with a gif viewer,
converting it to pcx, then viewing with the paintbrush program, they have
found that the colors are no longer the same.

I assure you that GIF2PCX is working fine. It does not alter the colors
of the original gif picture. Here is a long explanation as to what is happening.

First you must understand the graphics enviorment. Most of you are probably
using a VGA card with your computer. You elected VGA for its 256 colors over
EGA with only 16 colors. On a standard VGA system the 256 colors are only
available in one mode. This mode is 320x200 (320 pixels (dots) across by
200 pixels down). The other modes of the VGA card only allow for 16 or less
colors. With a standard VGA card Windows uses a mode that is 640x480 with only
16 colors.

As a result, you can use a gif viewer to view a gif picture with 256 colors.
But when you use the paintbrush, you will only get 16 of the 256 colors. I hope
you can now see why a 256 color picture would not look right with the

Color Ranges: The different modes have there own color ranges. The mode with
256 colors can select its pallete of colors from 262,144 different colors. The
mode with 16 colors selects its colors from only 64 different colors.

If you have a 16 color picture the colors may still be different. In a 256
color mode you could veiw a picture that has 16 different shades of grey. But
with a 16 color system, only 4 of those shades fall within its range of colors.
Thus, even though the picture is made up of only 16 colors, not all of the 16
colors can be represented on a 16 color system. In this example you would see
the 16 color grey scaled picture as only having 4 shades of grey.

Pictures that use 16 different colors (not grey shaded) have the same limits
on them. If the picture uses any colors that are outside of the 64 color range,
those colors will be different when viewed with paintbrush.

I can not fix GIF2PCX to allow for the limits of Windows. I tried to reduce
a 16 color grey scale picture to the limits of the 16 color range. Since the 16
color range only has 4 shades of grey (black and white are 2 of them). The other
12 colors showed up as blues, greens, and reds. Thus there is no way of
converting colors outside of the color range to a color within the color range
without changing the color.

What to do...
In order to get your 256 colors back you would have to upgrade your video
card to what is called SVGA (S stands for Super). I have a Video 7 card with
512k of memory on the card. This allows for 640x480x256. In addition, I have a
video driver for Windows that allows me to run windows at 640x480x256. The
standard driver that comes with windows is "vga.drv" ( you can check to see if
you are using this by viewing "system.ini" with notepad, and finding the line
that says "display.drv=??????.drv", your line probably reads
"display.drv=vga.drv"). If you are using "vga.drv", then you are running in
640x480x16. Because it is a 16 color mode it can not select its colors from the
full range of vga colors (262,144 different colors), but rather the range of the
of a 16 color system (64 different colors).

There are many boards out there that support 256 colors in Windows. To take
advantage of the board, you need a Windows 3.0 driver with the board (this will
replace "vga.drv"). Most major board makers have all ready produced this driver.
By upgrading your board, and changing the Windows video driver in "system.ini"
you can run Windows at 640x480x256 instead of 640x480x16. It may be that your
present board is upgradable. What I mean is that some boards just need more
memory added to them to allow for this new mode (you would still need a driver).

Your video board may already allow for 640x400x256 (check with the
manufacturer). You will still need to obtain the video driver from the
manufacturer to use this mode in Windows.

Questions about viewing pcx pictures with you windows painting program:

I have a beautiful picture that I use as wallpaper. When I view a picture
converted with GIF2PCX it goofs up all of the colors in my wallpaper
picture. If I close the painting program, everything goes back to normal. If
I make the painting program an icon, the colors stay goofed up. Why?
On a vga monitor there are 262,144 different colors. Windows picks 16 or 256
(depending on you video setup) to use as its' set of colors. The picture
that you view (with paintbrush) may use a different set of 16 or 256 colors than
what your wallpaper is using. To allow your pictures to be viewed properly

Windows gives the painting program the ability to change Windows' set of colors.
In this way your picture will have the correct colors, but since your wallpaper
uses different colors, it will now be incorrect. Windows should correct this
when you close your painting program, or view a picture with the same colors as
Windows normally uses.

Windows is a product and registered trademark of MicroSoft.
The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a Service Mark owned by Compuserve
PCX (not sure if a trademark) is a file format of ZSOFT.


GIF2PCX is user supported software. You may use it for a free ten day trial
If you find this program useful, please license the program by sending $10.00

Robert Voit
17743 Evener Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55346


version 1 - original
version 1.1 -
Renamed from G2P to GIF2PCX
Fixed PCX file save routine
Increased speed of GIF data read by 75%
version 1.2 -
Fixed PCX file save for odd size pictures
(If some of your pictures looked strange after using ver. 1.1, try
converting them again with this version.)
Added the ability to enter a drive and path to the file name
version 1.3 -
Uses a larger stack, some pictures were not able to be converted
with the smaller stack.
Converted program from Quick C to Microsoft C. (runs faster)
Added menuing system to obtain GIF file name.
Now allows for changing of PCX filename if the PCX filename already
Allows ability to enter registration number, thus getting rid of
shareware information.

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