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Compresses .GIF pictures 50-70%, this really works.
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Compresses .GIF pictures 50-70%, this really works.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GIF2JPG.DOC 37495 10620 deflated
GIF2JPG.EXE 88033 41076 deflated
JPG2GIF.EXE 96413 42362 deflated
READ.ME 718 382 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This version of GIF2JPG (v1.5) has two major changes over the previous
version (v1.41).

1. The .JPG file format has been changed to solve a problem which
caused some files to grow when they were converted back to .GIF
files. The reason this occured, and why it required a change in
the .JPG file format are explained in detail in the file

Since the .JPG file format changed, this has the unfortunate effect
of not allowing versions of JPG2GIF before v1.5 to convert these
.JPG files back to .GIF files. All registered users of GIF2JPG
have already been sent a free update.

2. Interleaved .GIF files are now handled when converting to .JPG.

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