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Gifblaster, lossless compressor for GIFs (only). C source code.
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Gifblaster, lossless compressor for GIFs (only). C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARITH.C 3637 879 deflated
ARITH.H 1669 543 deflated
ARITHCON.C 5523 1256 deflated
ARITHCON.H 3572 790 deflated
GB11CODE.C 3283 794 deflated
GB11CODE.H 806 345 deflated
GIFBLAST.C 13274 4030 deflated
GIFBLAST.EXE 23034 22449 deflated
GIFBLAST.TXT 1314 685 deflated
GIFCODE.C 5487 1345 deflated
GIFCODE.H 2058 683 deflated
MAKEFILE 3328 808 deflated
UBASIC.C 3908 1188 deflated
UBASIC.H 807 418 deflated
UFFILE.C 3996 1027 deflated
UFFILE.H 4612 1548 deflated

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Contents of the GIFBLAST.TXT file

GIFBLAST is a compressor designed especially for GIF files. The usual file
compressors (PKZIP, ARJ, etc.) do not work on GIF files; GIFBLAST does.
When you run GIFBLAST on a GIF file X.GIF, you get a compressed file X.GFB
that is usually 20-25% smaller. In order to view this file you have to
decompress X.GFB to get back the original X.GIF file. The compression used
in GIFBLAST is lossless, i.e. it perfectly preserves all image pixels and
other information in GIF files.

What can I use GIFBLAST for?
The compression/decompression algorithm used in GIFBLAST is quite slow,
so you would probably not want to store frequently viewed GIF files in
compressed form. However, GIFBLAST should be useful in applications
where getting maximum compression is important, such as:
- Storing GIF files on bulletin boards for downloading.
- Posting GIF files on usenet.
- Transmitting GIF files via modem.
- Sending GIF files on floppy disk.
Because there is no loss involved when compressing with GIFBLAST,
the user need not be concerned with harming the image or introducing
compression artifacts.

Isaac Dimitrovsky ([email protected])
"Sincerity is *the* most important thing in show business -
so once you learn to fake that you've got it made."
- Joe Franklin

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