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PROGRAM: FG.COM (Fast GIF) GIF file viewer

VERSION: 2.03 July 15, 1992

CONTACT: Keith P. Graham
238 Germonds Road
West Nyack, NY 10994
Voice: (914) 623-4161
BBS: (914) 623-0039

DESCRIPTION: Very small, very fast GIF file viewer. The program
will detect and use VESA drivers up to 1024 * 768.
It will also utilize XMS memory (himem.sys) up to
1.6 megs. In systems where the GIF file is larger
than the screen size the user can scroll around
the picture.

SHAREWARE: FG.COM is shareware and a $5.00 donation is
requested for users who use the program more
than once a month. A unlimited use license is
available to users who wish to package FG with
their products ($200). Source code is available
for $500.

USAGE: FG filespec
Where filespec is the name of a GIF file. Wild
cards are acceptable.
fg *.gif
fg c:\images\gifs\x*.gif


Esc - exits current picture. If wild cards
were used in the filespec the next
picture will be displayed.
F10 - exits the program.

Cursor controls are active if the complete
picture cannot be viewed on screen.

LIMITS: FG will only work on VGA systems. It will detect
VESA and use it. It decompresses the GIF to memory
so if you have limited memory the GIF will appear to
be truncated (chopped off) at the bottom due to
the fact that it cannot allocate the memory to
view the whole image.

BUGS: FG does not clear the screen between displays. The
ghost of the previous image can sometimes be seen
to the right of small images.

CALL: Please upload any bugs, changes or needed features
to my BBS care of SYSOP. I will tyry to fix all
real problems and and add features that will allow
FG to remain small. I think that small and fast are
the selling points of FG and that additional features
might not add much to its value if the program slowed
down or grew in size.

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Archive   : FSTGF203.ZIP
Filename : FASTGIF.DOC

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