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Fireworks !!

Fireworks is a demonstration of Borland's Turbo Pascal 4.0 Graphics. This
program requires the .BGI files which are distributed with the compiler, and
are available (hopefully) on whatever bulletin board you may have gotten this
file. If it is not, you may obtain it by contacting me at the address given
below. I hope I can get it to you through some arrangement.

I. History.

If you haven't seen STARS.ARC, you need to. FIREWORK is an extension of
STARS. It's a generalization really. It allows the points to start in
different places, traveling in different sets of random directions, until
all points have reached the edge of the screen. The points may be re-
initialized if you wish (one of mine does), and you may use the point count
as a termination factor for each blast.

II. Program information.

InitStar, Update and NewBlast are the sum total of this one. Each point
(star) is initialized after NewBlast has determined what kind of a blast this
is, and after it has initialized the blast in general. Update is then called
and the points are updated one at a time. Update may (and does) call InitStar
to re-initialize the stars if you so desire. There is a case statement in
each of these functions which all work together. Case label 1: in NewBlast
initializes blast type 1, label 1: in InitStar initializes the points for a
blast type 1, and so forth. PLEASE add new blast types. I would be
interested to see anything you come up with.

III. Credits.

Ok, it's not much of a program, but I like it. I leave it running at work
alot when I'm not using my PC, kind of as 'mood software'. It's great to look
at. I think it demonstrates good structured programming, and can be a good
learning tool for Pascal beginners. Any comments, additions, modifications to
this program will be greatly appreciated.

Thanx and happy travels...
Emory R. Stagmer
1107 Harwall Rd
Baltimore, MD 21207

IV. P.S.
If you like this program, look for STARS.ARC on this and other bulletin
boards. Other fun stuff is forthcoming !!

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