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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for Fractal Grafics, Version 1.4
Copyright, 1990 by Cedar Software, R1 Box 5140, Morrisville, VT 05661

1. Back up the Fractal Grafics disk (see the manual if you need help).

2. Make sure the DOS prompt says A> and you have the PROGRAM disk in drive A.
(Type A: and press the Enter key.) If you can't use drive A, you can use
another drive. (e.g.: To install from drive B, type B: and press Enter.)

3. To run from a floppy disk, just type FG and press Enter to run the program.
(Please type README and press Enter first to read important documentation.)

4. To install to a hard disk, type HARDDISK and press Enter. This will:
a. Create a directory named C:\FRACTAL, and copy the program files to it
b. Copy on-line help files to a sub-directory called \FRACTAL\HELP
c. Copy the example files to a sub-directory called \FRACTAL\EXAMPLES
No other files or directories will be altered.
To install to a different directory than C:\FRACTAL, just type the drive
and directory you want after HARDDISK. (Example: HARDDISK C:\FRACGRAF)

5. More instructions will appear if you've done the last step right!