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FR1¬ˆ9ï1€ÿfEFîTrî¤øÿ%•ÿi€€€i€€€¹ æý–÷¿ÿˆ
ÀÿŠáÿÿÿ+Ön©‘ÿ&¯F&¯F                   *****6*****????????????U.THelp, page 9: S h a p i n g t h e S e e dˆPick NextPoint several times.  The handle turns to a cross,aand moves among the corners of the seed shape.  Nowuse the a a r r o w k e y s to move a corner.  All the controlsyou have beenuusing to move parts of the template now move the "points" on tthe seed instead, changing its shape.  Since each part is a ccopy of the seed, they all change shape!~Practice re-shaping the seed; Insert and DeleteThis letsssome points, Grow and Shrink the shape, and so movePress E s cYYou can move points by dragging them with the mouse,points onto getbbut you must use the menu to Grow, Spin, and Skewthe seedthe menu.tthe seed shape.  To work with parts of the templateshape ÄÄÄ>aagain, pick Next Part or use the mouse to clickÚiin the center of a part.Pick Help to go on. When workingÄÅB on the seedÃCshape, these ÃCcontrolÃB points onÃCthe polygonÃCinstead ofÃCparts ofÃCthe template.À; &