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ð½ÿ„þ„^cÈ`›ÿF>5ր€5ր€ ÆDŽY“½ÿJ/ÿÿÿ]`ªHfö-ªHfö-                   *****6*****????????????@.THelp, page 8: D r a w i n g w i t h t h e T e m p l a t eThe template below has twocopies of the seed.PPick Draw, and note how both appear at every level.sPlay around to get a feeling for the shapes you can Draw.AAdd a part with Insert, and put it where you want using the a a r r o w k e y s or mouse.  Delete lets you remove unwanted parts.IIf you specify How Manyparts you want, they will be placedatrregular intervals around the seed.tPress E s cExperiment!  Then pick Help to learn more.This arrangesto get8a number ofthe menu.5parts aroundD the seed ÄÄÄÄ>B
ÚB These insertÄÁB and deleteGparts (copiesC of the seed).ÿÿÿ?