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*****6*****????????????@.THelp, page 7: M o v i n g t h e T e m p l a t e…The template normally moves in fairly large jumps.TTo adjust its position more precisely, pick Precision now.TThe handle shrinks, and all movements (including Grow,Spin,eetc.) will be much smaller.  Also, you can no longer re-size,rrotate, or skew with the mouse.  To go back to normal, justppick Precision again.‘Clearwill erase the whole picture, so you"ccan see the template better.  Restore will get      These ÄÄÄÄÂiit back, or you can Draw on the blank background.clear and ÀPress E s cTTry Draw, Clear, and Restorea few times, andrestoreto getbacktthen pick Help to go on.the wholethe menu.:picture.ê This ÄÄÄÄÄ>E selectsI tiny or bigFmovements.ÿÿí